Love is in the air episode 7 summary (Sen çal Kapimi)

Serkan had opened up to Eda and shared with her a personal memory, a secret he held dear. When Eda returned home from that special moment they shared together, her aunt Ayfer noticed that Eda’s eyes were shining. But Eda is afraid of falling in love with Serkan and decides to stay away. In this episode 7 of Love is in the air, Sen çal Kapimi, it is Serkan’s birthday. Eda will learn that Serkan usually spends his birthday with Selin, and this year it will be the same.

serkan and eda embrace each other

Sen çal Kapimi, love is in the air, episode 7 full summary

At the beginning of episode 7 of love is in the air, Sen çal Kapimi, Ayfer tells Eda that she is falling in love with Serkan. She sees the change in his eyes, her eyes shining.

In this episode 7 of Sen çal Kapimi, it is Serkan’s birthday. Ayden Hanim knows that her son doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday, so she prepares a little surprise for him with Seyfi and gives him his present the day before.

Eda prepares Serkan’s birthday present at the beginning of this episode 7 of Sen çal Kapimi (love is in the air), while thinking back to what her aunt told her. Has Eda fallen in love with Serkan? Eda gets scared, she is afraid of her feelings for Serkan. She decides to get away from him.

In this episode 7 of Sen çal Kapimi, the Art Life agency has been selected by an international hotel chain. Serkan and his team worked for months on a majestic chandelier design and this design was selected by a prestigious hotel abroad. This is an important step for Art life to design objects for international sale.
The team has to register the patent to protect the design of this chandelier and Eda will take care of it. Serkan agrees, but warns her that this is the only copy of the design and its contents must remain secret.

In order to thank Selin who made this project possible, Serkan asked Eda to have flowers sent as a thank you to Selin. But Eda will remind Serkan that she is a florist and that she will prepare the bouquet herself and add a note.
Eda is disappointed, whereas she thought that she and Serkan had got closer, she thinks in this episode 7 of love is in the air, Sen çal Kapimi, that Serkan’s goal is still to get back together with Selin.

Eda, who knows nothing about patents and notaries, is going to ask her friend Fifi for help.

Love is in the air episode 7: Eda confesses the truth to Ceren

In this episode 7 of Sen çal Kapimi, Eda will confess the truth to Ceren. She will tell him that she and Serkan are not really in a relationship. and that it is an agreement that is supposed to allow Serkan to get back together with Selin.
in exchange Eda will go back to college and get her degree.
Eda asks Ceren not to say anything to anyone and asks her to help her stay away from Serkan.

On her way home, Eda leaves the documents in the entrance hall of the house while she takes a shower and changes clothes. At the same time, Melo comes home with Kaan. Kaan sees the documents and takes some pictures.

Eda organised a dinner between Serkan and Selin for that evening, when everyone expected her to plan something special for that evening as it was Serkan’s birthday. Serkan is disappointed that Eda hasn’t planned anything for them.

During the dinner Selin gives Serkan his gift, a luxurious watch. Then Serkan will ask Selin to sell him her stocks, if she continues her relationship with Ferit.

Eda gives a gift to Serkan

serkan birtheday in love is in the air ep 7

Melo will call Serkan to wish him a happy birthday and will tell him where Eda is. Serkan will join her. She is in a small restaurant in the neighbourhood where she is eating soup. Eda and Serkan spend the evening together in this episode 7 of love is in the air, Sen çal Kapimi. At the end of the evening, Eda goes to give him a present.

The next day, Eda and Serkan travel to Sile to the site where the golf course is to be built. When the contract was signed, the clients had wanted Eda to take care of the landscaping. And Serkan had said that he had confidence in Eda to carry out the project.

At the end of episode 7 Kaan makes sure to put on sale chandelier models identical to those designated by Serkan’s team. At the end of episode 7 of love is in the air, Sen çal Kapimi, Kaan contacts Engin and informs him that chandeliers identical to theirs are currently on sale. They understand that the design has been stolen.

Serkan asked Eda for an explanation as she had the only copy of the drawings.
He accuses Eda of giving the design to Kaan at the end of episode 7. Eda is shocked that Serkan would think this of her, that he would think she would be capable of doing such a thing.

Eda tells Serkan that if he really thinks that, she will leave and he will never see her again!
At the end of this seventh episode of love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi), Serkan is going to tell Eda to leave! in front of the whole team.

How and where to watch sen çal Kapimi episode 7 (love is in the air)

It is possible to watch all the episodes of the series Sen çal Kapimi online and free of charge, as they are available on the official youtube channel of the series. But you should know that it is also possible to watch Sen çal Kapimi love is in the air with English subtitles.

To watch in streaming episode 7 of Sen çal Kapimi subtitiled in english (in Turkish with english subtitles) here is the procedure to follow :

Just go to Sen çal Kapimi’s official Youtube channel and activate the subtitles which are in Turkish.
Then once the subtitles for the episode have been activated, click again on the parameter wheel, and there will appear the automatic translation option, which is an option provided by YouTube.

In fact youtube will automatically translate the subtitles of episode 7 of Sen çal Kapimi into English.

Here is the video of episode 7 on youtube

to see episode 7 love is in the air on youtube

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