çukur season episode 32 (ep 65), full summary

After escaping from Gumali and handing him counterfeit money, Timssah fled to the house of Azar.Ujer, who had Azar's brother killed and made it look like Salih was the culprit.

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çukur season 2 episode 29 (ep 62), full summary

In this episode 29 of season 2 of çukur which corresponds to episode 62 of the series, the identity of the person responsible for the actions of the Karakuzu throughout season 2 of çukur is revealed.

çukur season 2 episode 28 (ep 62), full summary

In episode 28, season 2 of Çukur, Yamaç is about to leave everything. He left Çukur and said goodbye to his family. While he is sitting on a bench somewhere in Istanbul, a black envelope is placed next to him. Here is the detailed summary of this episode 28 of the series, which corresponds to episode 62 of çukur.

çukur season 2 episode 27 (ep 60) full summary

Yamaç realizes that Sena is locked in and the box fills with water. He shoots at the tub, without success. The tub is made of strong glass material. He tries to open the access hatch, but is unsuccessful.

çukur season 2 episode 26 (ep 59) full summary

Episode 26, season 2 of Çukur, opens with Sena, who understands that she finally belongs to Çukur. "Çukur protects you sometimes, and sometimes you have to protect Çukur."

çukur season 2 episode 25 (ep 58), full summary

In this episode 25, season 2 of Çukur, Chetto will launch a decisive attack against all the Koçovali. They will be attacked from all sides, this episode show how çukur can be united

çukur season 2 episode 24 (ep 57), full summary

In this episode 24, season 2, Mahsoun meets his father, but Chetto does everything he can to stop him. Here is the complete summary of this episode 24 season 2 of the series.

çukur season 2 episode 23 (ep 56), full summary

Episode 23, season 2 of Çukur opens with a scene of festivities. It is a wedding that Chetto and the Karakuzu are about to interrupt. In episode 22, the Koçovali had managed to get the Mahsoun and Chetto duo to fight. The Koçovali brothers had been able to witness the dispute that took place in Çukur in front of their eyes. Here is the complete summary of episode 23, season 2 of Çukur which corresponds to the episode 56 of the series

çukur season 2 episode 22 (ep 55), full summary

This episode 22 of Çukur is full of twists and turns and a lot of information. Yamaç manages to find Chetto's weak point, and has information that may allow him to put an end to the Chetto-Mahsoun duo.

çukur season 2 episode 20 (ep 53)

In this episode 20 of Çukur, we will see that the return of Chetto and Mahsoun in Çukur will perhaps give the beginning of a solution to Yamaç to understand and perhaps get rid of these enemies of Çukur.