All the information about the turkish serie, çukur (The pit)

çukur season 2 episode 29 (ep 62), full summary

In this episode 29 of season 2 of çukur which corresponds to episode 62 of the series, the identity of the person responsible for the actions of the Karakuzu throughout season 2 of çukur is revealed.

çukur season 2 episode 28 (ep 62), full summary

In episode 28, season 2 of Çukur, Yamaç is about to leave everything. He left Çukur and said goodbye to his family. While he is sitting on a bench somewhere in Istanbul, a black envelope is placed next to him. Here is the detailed summary of this episode 28 of the series, which corresponds to episode 62 of çukur.

çukur season 2 episode 27 (ep 60) full summary

Yamaç realizes that Sena is locked in and the box fills with water. He shoots at the tub, without success. The tub is made of strong glass material. He tries to open the access hatch, but is unsuccessful.

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