çukur season 2 episode 25 (ep 58), full summary

At the beginning of episode 25 of Çukur, we learn more about Mahsoun’s past. By pushing him to kill his father, Chetto signs his death warrant. In this episode 25, season 2 of Çukur, Chetto will launch a decisive attack against all the Koçovali. They will be attacked from all sides, but above all, in this episode 25, which is fully summarized here, we will see the unity of Çukur and the love of its inhabitants for Idriss Baba.

Flashback in the 90s, a child, Fikret, is kidnapped by his cousin who is drug addict. He asks his family for ransom.

Fikret’s father calls on a man to help them in the search for their son Fikret. The man who comes to help them is none other than Mujahid.

Mujahid promises him to find the necessary sum, they discuss in front of the hostage taker (who is a family member.)

But Mujahid, who had quickly discovered the identity of the hostage taker, sets a trap for him. He manages to find the place where the child is hidden, but once there, the kidnappers tell him that the child has escaped.

Mujahid goes looking for him, but without success. (Fikret will then be found by Chetto who will baptize him Mahsoun).

Second flashback of this episode 25 season 2 of Çukur. In reality, Chetto had found Mahsoun’s parents a few years earlier and had even planned to kill them.

Mahsoun has his father’s blood on his hands. He wanders into a forest. He is then watched by the man with the ring.

Remzi goes to Chetto to report back to him. He explains that he followed Mahsoun, who killed the man (his father), but that Mahsoun would have killed himself afterwards.

Remzi finally works for the man with the ring.

 Chetto puts the blame on the Koçovali and decides to take revenge.

chetto death of Mahsoun çukur ep 58

 Meliha calls Idriss and tells him she hears noises in her apartment. Someone broke into her apartment.

Gelasun comes home and finds Karaça, he asks her why she ignores him! She tells him she’s not the one he should be interested in. Everything has changed. At one time she loved her, she even took a bullet for him, but he wouldn’t look at her. But now he can’t come to her; he can’t (must) anymore. Damla in the kitchen hears their discussion.

The Karakuzu, who are determined to take revenge for Mahsoun’s death, are watching the Koçovali’s house, Meliha’s apartment, the café and the homes of Kemal and Metin.

Meliha’s apartment has been searched, but nothing’s been stolen. Idriss is reviewing old photos from the time they were together. Then a newspaper clipping about Hale (the journalist killed at the beginning of season 1 of Çukur) it was Meliha who had sent Hale to meet Idriss.

Reiss Uluç is warned of the attack that is about to take place. He knows that Chetto is going to attack the family home. He immediately calls his daughter and asks her to come out of the house to see him. On the way out, she meets Gumali and Yamaç in the alley of the house.

She decides to turn back and go into the house to talk to Gumali, who ignores her.

Damla decides to talk to Gumali and clear things up. She tells him that she is not his enemy and that she does not want this situation either. She has heard about Yildiz and informs him that she has no problem with this. Since their marriage is not real, he can continue with Yildiz and still be married to her.

Mujahid gathers at Pasa’s grave. He is also surrounded by the Karakuzu who encircle the cemetery. He realizes this and the two parties start shooting at each other. Mujahid calls Idriss and informs him that he is under attack. Idriss will join him. Meliha watching the departure of Idriss through the window realizes that Karakuzu follow him. She calls him to warn him.

The attack is also launched on Kemal’s house where Metin is also.

As for Yamaç, it’s Chetto who personally takes charge of him. He runs away, but he is caught by some Karakuzu. But Çello, the arms supplier, appears at that moment and saves him.

 Kemal and Metin manage to get rid of their attackers. Idriss lures his pursuers to a wasteland and manages to get away by making them kill each other.

Selim, who is at the local market, spots the Karakuzu who are watching him.

Salih is also attacked in his cabaret, he understands that they might attack the house, so he contacts Gelasun who is in Çukur with Meke. But they too are attacked at that moment.

Mujahid is short of ammunition, he has only one bullet left and in front of him are two Karakuzu; that’s when Idriss appears.

Yamaç and Selim go to the house; the same goes for Salih and Medet.

Gelasun and Meke manage to get the upper hand over their assailants, but Gelasun is slightly hit in the arm. He understands that the house is going to be attacked, he thinks about Aksin and goes there with Metin and Kemal.

Aliço feels a presence around his house, he goes back to his refuge, and a rain of bullets falls on the house. He first panics and then takes a teddy bear in which he has hidden a grenade. He unplugs the grenade and throws the bear out the window at his attackers. He went through a trapdoor and fled in a boat.

They all arrive at the house that was attacked, but find no one. Yamaç tells them that Gumali was normally at home and that he had to take everyone else away.

This is indeed the case. He took them to safety.

When they were talking together in the room, Damla noticed movement outside the house and warned Gumali. They teamed up and killed some Karakuzu.

When Damla’s father was informed of the attack and realized that his daughter was still in the house, he was forced to intervene. So he evacuates the Kocovali women to a safe place. Idriss and Mujahid arrive in Çukur, and Meke explains to them that Chetto has taken all his men and headed for the house and that they have numerical superiority over his sons who are at home.

Idriss sees only one solution, to rely on Çukur. He appeals to everyone. He says, call everyone, pass the message.

Meke goes through the streets and shouts:

“Idriss Baba goes home to save his family from the Karakuzu …
Whoever loves Idriss Baba, let him come.”

Mujahid also passes through the streets of Çukur and cries out:

People of Çukur, get up (wake up) and protect your neighbourhood. Protect the Koçovali family… today is the day that will see the end of the Karakuzu…

Meke distributes weapons from the depot to the youth of Çukur.

The people of Çukur are coming.

Chetto shot up the house, while Idriss ran towards them.

Idriss is alone against the Karakuzu and without ammunition. At that moment, Çukur arrives, the inhabitants of Çukur run towards him, they are present in numbers ready to fight for Idriss BABA.

 The Koçovali brothers come out of the house and take the Karakuzu from behind.

Çukur’s youngsters fill balloons with gasoline and throw them at the Karakuzu and set them on fire.

Çukur, episode 25 season 2, the end of Chetto?

Yamaç and Salih see Chetto trying to escape. They go after him.

Aliço, who finds Gumali to warn him of the situation, sees the Karakuzu surrounding the warehouse where the Koçovali women are hidden. He tries to warn him, but his voice is covered by noise.

The Karakuzu attack and Damla is shot in the arm.
Gumali tries to evacuate the women, but gunmen are posted on the roofs. Aliço, who sees the scene, panics and finally pulls out a gun and shoots them.

Gumali leaves the Koçovali women in the hands of Reiss Uluç and moves towards the house.

But on his way, he meets Chetto who tries to escape. Gumali Salih and Yamaç are behind him in the streets of Çukur.

Chetto is on the ground wounded, at the mercy of Yamaç. At this moment, Mahsoun is coming.

But against all odds, he points his gun at Chetto and shoots him.

Chetto, lying on the ground, asks… why?

At the end of episode 25 of Çukur, we see what happened earlier between Mahsoun and the man with the ring.

The man with the ring had given him a weapon, saying, “Start from the beginning. Destroy everything and start a new life. »

Mahsoun said to Chetto, “Because of you, I killed my father. Today it will all end. The Karakuzu will be over and you will be finished. »

He shoots another bullet at Chetto and then turns to Yamaç and says to him: thank her because I promised to leave you safe and sound. Otherwise I would have killed you too. At the moment, Yamaç doesn’t understand.

At the end of episode 25 of Çukur, when Mahsoun gets back in the car, we see that Sena is beside him. Mahsoun abducted her when she was in Uluç’s warehouse.

(In the warehouse, as he was about to explode everything with a grenade, Sena tells him that she will come with him if he doesn’t.) She makes him promise in exchange not to hurt his family.

Yamaç wonders at the end of which promise Mahsoun is talking about, to whom he made this promise!

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