çukur season episode 32 (ep 65), full summary

After escaping from Gumali and handing him counterfeit money, Timssah takes refuge at Azar’s house.

Ujer, who had killed Azar’s brother and made it look like Salih was the culprit, goes to see Azar, and offers to join forces with him in order to get rid of the Koçovali.

Azar refuses his proposal. He wants to take care of the Kocovali on his own and considers that he does not need any help in order to take revenge for his brother’s death.

Timssah, who attended the proposal, joins Ujer outside. He explains to Ujer that he understood that he was the one behind Savaç’s death.

The situation is explosive between members of the family in this episode 31 season 2 of çukur

The climate is tense between members of the Koçovali family. Yamaç asks them not to touch Uluç because he wants to use him. Gelasun is angry with the other members of the family and blames them for their inaction. Yamaç reminds him that he stole a car from a salesman who is under Azar’s protection. This is not without consequence in the conflict between them and Azar. Salih and Medet try to intervene, but Meke defends Gelasun. Not to mention that Gumali has killed Nejat’s entire family.

Idriss puts an end to this climate of tension. He takes them all to Çukur stadium, and makes them play soccer. He’ll manage to calm everyone down.

Uluç hands over some of the money he had promised Selim, but he doesn’t know that the family has figured out that he is the traitor and that they are watching him. (He doesn’t know that the Koçovali had already tried to give money to Azar).

Uluç calls Remzi to warn him, but Remzi explains that this is not normal since the exchange with Azar had already taken place the day before.

Uluç pays attention to his surroundings and realizes that he is being followed by Metin and Kemal. He tries to escape. He warns his daughter Damla and asks her for help.

Damla comes out of the Koçovali’s house, but she is stopped on the road by Gumali who asks her if she knew anything about it. She explains that she didn’t know about Aksin and all that. Gumali lets her go.

Damla goes to her father and picks him up. She loses Kemal and Metin, and takes her father to a safe place.

The next morning Damla goes back to Gumali and takes him to his father’s house. But before that she makes a deal with him. She hands over her father to them on condition that he agrees that no one will hurt him. Gumali agrees.

Aisha warns Selim that their daughter Karaça is not well, she has been deeply affected by Aksin’s death. Her father tries to comfort her and warns her that he is planning an outing with her for the next day.

The next day Selim takes his daughter into the forest and teaches her to hold a gun and to shoot.

Gumali picks up Uluç Reiss and takes him back to Çukur’s café.

When Azar leaves his house with his men, Kemal who is there gives the signal to Yamaç and follows him. At the right timing Yamaç and Salih leave the family home, just in time for Azar to see them come out and follow them. Azar plans to take revenge on Salih.

Salih and Yamaç bring Azar and his people to follow them to a stadium. Azar and his men surround Yamaç who is sitting in the stands. But when Yamaç gets up, all the other supporters sitting in the stands stand up and surround Azar in turn. They are all children of Cukur. The same goes for the players on the field who all have Çukur’s tattoo.

There are many more Çukur family members than Azar and his men.

Yamaç said to him:

“We have no problem with you, you’re not our enemy, but if you want to become one… you will be; and if you want to become our friend, that’s possible too. »

As for Aliço, he is always followed by a man, but as Yamaç has not left Aliço alone, the man cannot get close to him.

Yamaç asks Uluç to call Ujer and make an appointment with him, without letting it be known that he has been discovered by the Koçovali.

Aliço is in the café at that moment and hears this discussion between Uluç and Ujer. He records the address.

Yamaç sends Aliço home with one of the Çukur residents to keep an eye on him. But Aliço, who still feels guilty about telling Ujer about Aksin, wants to help. He escapes the surveillance and hitchhikes to the address Uluç gave Ujer (he took his gun with him).

Ujer asks Timssah for help in getting Azar to attack the Koçovali.

In order to push the animosity between Azar and the Koçovali, Timssah decides to attack the bars and places that belong to both clans.

Gelasun decides to act against the advice of Salih and Mujahid.

Yamaç and the others are at the meeting place. Aliço stands discreetly nearby with his gun, ready to shoot.

A car arrives at the scene. Yamaç and Gumali are hiding. When Uluç goes outside and opens the car door, it is not Ujer he finds, but Awni. The car starts up again and drives away and Ujer, who is ambushed nearby, shoots Reiss in the head. (like Aliço, he was hiding in the forest.)

He then saw that Aliço was also at the scene. He and Remzi took him away and left a black envelope at the place.

The Koçovali find Aliço’s weapon and then the envelope, so they understand that he has escaped surveillance and has been kidnapped.

They go looking for him and Yamaç ends up finding Aliço in a rubbish dump. Surrounded by a mountain of books. Remzi poured gasoline and set it on fire. When Yamaç arrives, everything’s on fire. He approaches to rescue Aliço, but too late, everything explodes.

Yamaç can’t save Aliço. And under the effect of the explosion, Yamaç is propelled backwards.

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