çukur season 2 episode 31 (ep 64), full summary

In this episode 31, season 2 of Çukur, Yamaç manages to save Aliço, but his life is still in danger. Yamaç, who had suspicions about Uluç and Damla, will see his suspicions confirmed. But Ujer has opened a new front against the Koçovali. Azar, at the head of a large drug trafficking family, will find himself facing the Koçovali. Here’s the detailed summary of episode 31, s2, which corresponds to episode 64 of the series.

Yamaç, Aliço and Ujer are on rooftops. Yamaç shot Ujer, and thinks he killed him. He’s lying on the ground. Aliço realizes that Ujer isn’t dead and tries to warn Yamaç, but Yamaç has run out of ammunition. Ujer gets up and prepares to shoot them.

Aliço jumps from the roof where he is to the roof where Yamaç is, but cannot reach him. Yamaç holds him while Ujer is about to shoot them. Then Gumali arrives and shoots Ujer, who runs away. Gumali helps Yamaç, and together they manage to pull Aliço up, who is wounded in his shoulder.

Ujer was actually wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Gumali learned that Ujer was there through another trafficker.

Mujahid collects information about Savaç’s family and informs Selim and Salih of what he has learned. Savaç’s family is originally from Adana, but their business has grown and flourished. So they moved to Istanbul a year ago. The Koçovali have never had any contact with this clan because they don’t work in the drug business. This family is large and at their head is a certain Azar, known to be tough and violent.

Salih doesn’t want Çukur involved in this. He wants to make it his personal business and deal with it on his own. Mujahid proposes to send an emissary to discuss and explain the situation. He thinks this could clear Salih and the Koçovali. The person who killed Savaç in Salih’s cabaret wants to create a war between the Koçovali and this other mafia clan.

Gumali goes back to Nejad, the clan leader who worked with Sedat. He’s locked up and guarded by Kemal and Metin. Gumali asks him where Ujer is. He doesn’t know, but he finally tells Gumali that Ujer is not the only traitor. There’s another traitor among the Koçovali.

Uluç Reiss is a traitor.

Salih decides to go by himself to Azar. But on the road, he is stopped by the police at a roadblock. When they search him, the police find an unregistered weapon on him. So he is arrested and taken to the police station.

Idriss decides to go to Azar’s house himself. He meets Azar and explains to him that Salih is not responsible.

Azar doesn’t believe him, and tells him that if he wants to save his son, he must bring 5 million within two days in order to erase his son’s debt.

As they reflect on the situation, Selim raises the possibility that it was all organized by Ujer.

Gumali takes his brother Selim aside to tell him what he has just learned about Uluç.

Sultane goes to Meliha’s house and asks her to tell her everything (about Edib and Ujer’s grudge against Idriss and his family).

The fight against cancer in çukur, episode 31 season 02

While he’s in hospital, waiting for Aliço to be treated, a little girl comes to talk to Yamaç. She tells him that she has leukaemia and that she is waiting for a donor. (In reality, the little girl has played herself in the show. The actors of the Çukur series have mobilized and called for donations in order to find a compatible person for the little girl. They have since been involved with cancer charities).

On leaving the hospital, Yamaç passes on the information so that as many people as possible can take a blood test to find a compatible donor for little Oyku. The message is passed on in çukur and the inhabitants come in numbers to give their blood.

Umut var (there’s hope)

Aliço’s true identity in this episode 64 of çukur (31 Season 2)

During the hospital discharge procedure, the secretary asks Aliço to leave her fingerprint in order to finalize the hospital discharge procedure. A few moments later, an alarm sounded on the computer of a man who was apparently doing surveillance. Aliço’s file appears on the screen, along with his real name: Ali çoban.

The man contacts another person to tell them that he has found Ali’s location. The man then goes to the hospital and obtains Aliço’s address. When he goes to Aliço’s house, he does not find him (Aliço is in the Koçovali family home for the duration of his convalescence).

Damla goes to her father’s house and asks him if he has any information that could help the Koçovali. Uluç reminds her daughter that she must not forget that she entered the Koçovali family to fight against them, not to help them. As she leaves her father’s house, she sees Ujer.

Selim, who wants to get evidence against Reiss to prove that he betrayed them, goes to his house and tells him that the Koçovali need money, because of their problem with Azar, 5 million.

Gumali informs Yamaç of what he has learned about Uluç. Selim and Kemal follow Uluç and see him talking to Remzi. They film him.

çukur, episode 31 season 2, Gelasun has nothing left to lose

Gelasun, still reeling from his loss, decides he has nothing left to lose. Meke follows him in his thinking and they both decide to steal cars and spend their money in clubs while getting drunk. Yamaç goes to meet Gelasun in the morning.

Gelasun is going to tell him that he has lost everything and that he has decided to break the rules.

Selim shows his father the video he has of the meeting between Reiss Uluç and Remzi.

Gumali Metin and Kemal go to Timssah’s house. They are about to kill him, but he negotiates for his life and promises them 5 million ! Gumali agrees not to kill him in exchange of the money.

Salih gets out of prison and the brothers meet at the café. They explain to him that they have recovered the necessary sum. But soon when Salih sees the money recovered from Timssah’s house, he realizes that there is a problem. It’s counterfeit money.

Aliço, who is present in the café, tells them that he has money. But no one hears him, he has to repeat several times that he has money. They end up taking him seriously. (This is the money Aliço had got in a suitcase that belonged to Arsoy).

Yamaç, Kemal and Aliço will get the money back, but Aliço prefers to stay at home afterwards. Yamaç accepts on condition that Kemal stays with him. (The man who is looking for Aliço is in hiding and is watching the house).

Azar and his men enter Çukur to get the money.

Azar says to Salih, “Why do you pay if you say you are innocent ! »

Azar takes the five million, throws it on the ground and sets it on fire. The money burns.

In this episode 64 that correspond to the episode 31, season 2 of çukur, Azar declares war against the Koçovali.

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