çukur season 2 episode 21 (ep 54), full summary

At the end of episode 20, season 2 of Çukur; the arms shipment to Çukur was stolen by the Karakuzu. In this episode 21, season 2 of Çukur, the Koçovali find themselves in a bad position.

Here is the detailed summary of episode 21 season 2 of Çukur (episode 54)

After the arms shipment was stolen by Mahsoun, Yamaç concluded that it was the hostage they had freed who gave the information (Ujer),

Yamaç goes to see him in the hiding place where they had left him in Çukur, but he swears that it wasn’t him, and that he didn’t sell them.

Mahsoun visits Uluç Reiss and kills his employees. They also attack another of his businesses where his daughter Damla works.

Mahsoun threatens Reiss and warns him not to work with the Koçovali anymore otherwise he will take care of his daughter.

The hostage Ujer, in order to get back into Yamaç’s good graces and regain his trust, informs Yamaç that the Karakuzu have three warehouses where they can store weapons.

He arouses Yamaç’s curiosity by telling him that he must explode the Mahsoun/Chetto duo from within.

“you have to create a distension between them, separate them.”

“If Mahsoun knew what Chetto is doing, if he knew what Chetto is doing to his brothers… he’d kill him in a minute. »

He explains to Yamaç that the real financial source of the Karakuzu is the sale of organs and that Mahsoun does not know this.

The young Karakuzu are tasked with finding recruits, with the aim of increasing the number of brothers in the group; but in reality, they undergo thorough health checks and everything is recorded to meet the demand for organs.

Mahsoun, for his part, knows nothing about it because he believes in this brotherhood of the Karakuzu, and believes everything Chetto says. Mahsoun believes that they are a real family.

Idriss Gumali and Mujahid go to Reiss’s house to help him and he asks them to go and see if his daughter is well. Gumali goes to the place where Damla welcomes him armed.

Remzi visits Chetto and agrees to work with the karakuzu.

Yamaç takes out the boxes of documents that the Karakuzu had left in the basement of the house and gives Aliço the mission to find information about the organ trafic.

Sultane reopens the restaurant for the poor that she had in Çukur and Mahsoun comes to visit her in order to intimidate her. A discussion between them ensues and it is finally Sultane who puts Mahsoun in a bad position. When Salih learns that Mahsoun is in Çukur’s restaurant, he rushes in and urges him to leave.

Fayçal tries to get closer to Salih in order to gain his trust.

Damla, Reiss’s daughter, who has a strong character and is the only descendant of the mafia clan created by Reiss, moves in with the Koçovali until things calm down.

Yamaç, Metin and Gumali leave in search of the Karakuzu’s warehouse and end up finding it.

Ujer had given them three possible addresses. They wait until evening to attack the depot, but the Karakuzu are more numerous than they thought. They are finally joined by Salih, and take the upper hand.

They recovered their shipment of weapons for the Çukur dealers.

Gumali learns that Yildiz is still a night worker, she hasn’t left the job.

Yamaç distributes the weapons to his dealers without commissions so that Çukur’s distribution network can work again.

Mahsoun sees Sena in Çukur and starts following her.

Aliço, find the documents Yamaç needs. He shows them to Ujer, who can’t believe it.

Yamaç explains to him that the Karakuzu had moved into the Koçovali family home and that they had left in a hurry, which didn’t give them time to collect their things.

Ujer, explains to Yamaç that this opportunity should not be missed and should be used to separate Chetto and Mahsoun.

If Mahsoun believes and understands this, the explosion of the Karakuzu group will be automatic.

Yamaç goes to the Karakuzu in Çukur and asks to see Mahsoun.

He gives him the file and tells him that this gift is for him only, and that it should only be read by him (and not Chetto).

Fayçal attracts Salih into a trap.

He attracts him to an isolated place (a dry port), where he finds himself face to face with Remzi (whom everyone thinks is dead) and the Karakuzu who are standing next to him.

Salih sends a signal and it is then that the Koçovali and some young people from Çukur come out of a container (they were hidden inside).

In reality, Salih had understood Fayçal’s game from the beginning. He had deduced from his behaviour that he was working for the Karakuzu and that they were planning to kill him.

Gelasun and Meke had then hidden in front of the Karakuzu’s house in Çukur to verify Salih’s theory, and indeed they saw Fayçal coming out of Chetto’s house. They had followed them to the dry port where Fayçal was then to attract Salih.

Salih informed Gumali and told him that Fayçal was a traitor. They set up the plan. The young people of Çukur and the Koçovali brothers hide in a container and watch for the arrival of the Karakuzu who are caught in their own trap.

Remzi escapes, while Fayçal had left the place before the altercation, so he doesn’t know that everyone has understood that he is a traitor.

Fayçal is in Çukur and Gumali makes it his personal business to kill him.

He follows him and kills him in one of the alleys of Çukur with a knife. 

At the place of the altercation between the Karakuzu and the youth of Çukur, we see the intermediary between Chetto and Baykal (the man with the ring, whose identity is unknown for the moment). He aims at Yamaç, Salih and Chetto, without anyone knowing who he plans to shoot.

At the same time, Medet has Chetto under his control and is about to shoot him.

 In this episode 21, season2 of Çukur, Yamaç has got his hands on compromising documents that could put an end to the Chetto Mahsoun duo. Will Mahsoun believe Yamaç ?
Medet has Chetto under his thumb, will he kill him?
Who’s the man with the ring, and who’s he going to shoot?

 These are all questions that are left open at the end of this 21 s2 episode of Çukur which corresponds to the episode 54 of the series 


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