çukur season 2 episode 24 (ep 57), full summary

Episode 24, season 2 of Çukur, marks the beginning of the end for the duo Chetto/Mahsoun.

In episode 23, season 2 of Çukur, Damla and Gumali were married at the request of their parents, but we learned at the end of the episode that Uluç, Damla’s father, is working with the man with the ring. Damla’s marriage was just a ploy to allow them to infiltrate the family. In this episode 24, season 2, Mahsoun meets his father, but Chetto does everything he can to stop him. Here is the complete summary of this episode 24 season 2 of the series.

Gumali, who has just got married with Damla, goes that night to Yildiz’s house.

Kemal reports to Yamaç the information he has just discovered. The yacht on which Chetto was boarded belongs to Baykal. The Koçovali don’t understand since Baykal Bey is supposed to be dead (Çukur, season 1.)

Reiss Uluç is a traitor and works for the man with the ring and Baykal Bey. His aim was to break into the Koçovali’s house.

Yamaç Kemal and Metin went to the Baykal Showroom where he kept his vintage cars (they had blown it up in an episode of season 1.

Selim Meke and Gelasun go to the port where Baykal’s yachts are and find Salih.

The guards warn the man with the ring of the Koçovali’s visit.

Salih offers to open Baykal’s grave to check if he is dead. At that moment they find themselves surrounded by men shooting at them. The same goes for Yamaç, Metin and Kemal, who find themselves surrounded. They still manage to get rid of the attackers and find Baykal’s famous suitcase in which was a weapon with his initials on it (it had been given to him by one of his sons /çukur season 1).

Mahsoun saves Chetto from the trap set by Yamaç. Chetto then asks Awni to follow Mahsoun.

Remzi informs Chetto of the call he has received from the man with the ring. Since Chetto tried to attack the Koçovali during the wedding, their agreement with the Karakuzu is terminated. They will no longer be behind them and will no longer support them. Chetto doesn’t intend to stop there.

Mahsoun contacts sena and asks to see her. She informs Selim

Selim joins her in front of the building and asks her to leave her phone on so that he can hear their discussion.

Yamaç, asks Ujer if he knows Baykal and his links with the Karakuzu. He tells him that he has never heard this name.

Mahsoun explains to Sena that he has returned to Chetto, despite the story of the organ sale.

As they leave the building, sena and Selim are intercepted by Yamaç (he was warned by Aliço of the meeting).

A dispute ensues between Yamaç and Sena.

Selim asks Meke to take a man to Çukur.

When Mahsoun enters Çukur, the young people give the signal. Something is brewing in Çukur.

Yamaç finally calms down and asks Selim and Sena to explain to him what their goal was. Selim explains that they were trying to learn Things :

– Mahsoun’s gone back to Chetto.
– Mahsoun’s real name is Fikret.
– he’s looking for his family and if he finds them he won’t stay with the Karakuzu.

Sena had gathered information about Mahsoun and understood that he would not stay away from Chetto because he is alone and needs a family. But that if he could find his family again, everything might be different.

Selim had therefore given Aliço the task of looking in the newspapers for notices of missing children who corresponded to Mahsoun’s age.

Aliço had finally found an advertisement concerning the child “Fikret CANSIVAN” who had been abducted in 1993.

Selim and Sena went to the town in question and found the trace of Mahsoun’s father.

Selim arranged for Mahsoun and his father to meet in Çukur.

Mahsoun, who felt that he was being followed, grabbed the man, hit him and then questioned him.

The man asks him: your name is Fikret, isn’t it?

Mahsoun reacts aggressively and asks him who informed him.

But the man tells him that he has a birthmark on his body!

Salih installs Medet as the manager of the cabaret he has taken possession of (it was owned by the Karakuzu after they killed the real owner). 

Idriss gathers his sons in the café of Çukur and tells them he’s waiting for Reiss.

In the end, it’s Damla who runs in her father’s place.

Idriss explains that the two families will now be united in business. Damla will represent his father and will have a say in business. She will be the partner of the Koçovali.

Mujahid explains that he and Idriss have managed to renew contacts with their former suppliers of “stones”. The problem of transport from Syria remains to be resolved. They will therefore rely on Damla for transport. Gumali questions Damla’s competence in this field, since she is a woman.

Damla explains to them that transporting the goods by road would be far too risky. The conflicts have led to increased border security. In order to prevent human trafficking. She suggests using the sea route for transport, which would therefore be easier.

Mahsoun meet his father in çukur episode 24

Mahsoun’s father tells him about the kidnapping he suffered as a child. Fikret had been kidnapped by one of his family members in exchange for a ransom, but the boy had managed to escape and they had then lost track of him.

He left him his address and asked him to come and visit his mother. (Mahsoun thus learns that his mother is still alive).

Chetto goes with some Karakuzu to Idriss’ café in Çukur. He congratulates Gumali on his marriage and tells him: 

“I thought you would marry someone else… what’s her name again! Yildiz Yildiz… Mahsoun had told us about her. She is … how to say… Very talented” (he refers to Yildiz’s night work.)

Yamaç stops Gumali from fighting.

Chetto then turns to Idriss and tells him that Vartolu made material for him and worked with him.

He then addresses Gelasun and reminds him that he had given him a weapon to kill Gumali.

When Chetto leaves after creating discord within the family, Idriss summons Salih to the café. Salih explains to him that he was forced to work for Chetto because he had kidnapped Saadet.

But Idriss argues with him because he didn’t inform him of what was happening and of Saadet’s abduction.

While walking around the neighborhood, Chetto saw Ujer hiding and ran after him. The Karakuzu are looking for him on the rooftops of Çukur.

Warned by Aliço, Yamaç Selim and the others come running. They find Ujer hiding in a trapdoor.

They change his hiding place (they’re going to take him to Salih’s bar).

Salih asks one of his contacts to help him. He explains to him that there is a grave that should be opened to check for a body.

Gumali arrives at the cabaret where Yildiz works and forces Yildiz to follow him.

He asks her what happened between her and Mahsoun… she confirms it.

She tries to explain herself, saying that she was alone, that there was no one there and that she was afraid. She was obliged to. She tells him he wasn’t there. Gumali tells her that he will not be there anymore.

When Gumali came home, Damla told him that she too didn’t want this marriage, that they both did what they were told to do !

Çukur ep 24 season 2, Mahsoun meet his parents

Mahsoun got ready to go to see his parents. But Chetto intercepts him and tells him that the Koçovali are trying to trap him and that this man he has met is not his father.

Chetto calls him an idiot, because he trusted Sena.

(Awni, who was watching Mahsoun at Chetto’s request, shows him the photos he took in front of the building while Sena was leaving with Selim).

Mahsoun goes to the place where his parents are supposed to live and sees Selim, sena and Yamaç there. He concludes that Chetto was right.

After the Koçovali’s departure, he rings the bell and his father opens the door for him. Mahsoun stabs him with a knife. But when he sees his mother, he remembers the tiled floor of the house and the memories come back to him. So he realizes that they are his real parents. And that he’s just killed his father.

At the end of episode 24, season 2 of Çukur, Idriss and his sons are at the market in Çukur and are holding a table together.

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