Bay Yanlis, Mr Wrong : Can Yaman’s new series

Can Yaman and Özge Gürel are back together in a new series, a Turkish romantic comedy called Bay Yanliş.

The new series Bay Yanliş is scheduled for June 26, 2020 and will feature the two actors Can Yaman and Özge Gürel who previously played together in the series Dolunay (Fool moon). Here is all the information, the story (synopsis or plot) and the actors of the series Bay Yanlis.

What’s the history of the series Bay Yanlis ?
Who are the actors of Bay Yanlis (the cast) ?
All these questions are answered in this article.

The English title of the series will be Mr. Wrong and in Spanish Señor Equivocado. As soon as the series was announced, Bay Yanliş became a trend on Twitter. Fans of the actors and especially fans of Can Yaman are looking forward to the series Bay Yanliş, especially since the duo Can Yaman and Özge Gürel showed that the chemistry works between them in the series Dolunay.

About the serie Mr. Wrong or Bay Yanliş season 1

The Bay Yanlis series is produced by Gold Film and will be broadcast on the Turkish TV channel FOX.
The director of Bay Yanliş is Deniz Yorulmazer, known for directing the series 20 Dakika (with actress Tuba Büyüküstun) and Medcezir (whose main actors were Serenay Sarikaya and Çağatay Ulusoy).

The writers of the new series Bay Yanliş are Banu Zengin and Asli Zengin. Banu Zengin wrote part of the episodes of Erkenci Kus, and the series No. 309. As for Asli Zengin, she wrote series that were very successful. Series such as Kiraz Mevsimi (the season of cherries) whose main actress was Özge Gürel, but also part of the episodes of the series Erkenci Kus or çilek Kokusu (the perfume of strawberries).

These two screenwriters therefore have a number of Turkish romantic comedies on their books that have been broadcast in recent years.

Synopsis (plot) of Mr. Wrong /Bay Yanliş

What’s the history of the Bay Yanlis series?

Can Yaman plays Ozgur, a rich man who owns restaurants and a bar. Can Yaman is a playboy who doesn’t believe in love. Özge Gürel plays Ezgi, a romantic young woman who believes in relationships and wants to get married, but soon her fiancé cheats on her and drops her. Her only wish will then be to meet the right guy (Doru Bay) and no longer be lured by the Bay Yanliş (the wrong guy/Mr. wrong).

Ozgur (Mr.wrong) and Ezgi will meet by chance and end up being neighbours. Özgür (Can Yaman) will become Ezgi’s guide in her attempt to find the man of her life, giving her advice on how to attract the man she desires. Little by little, the relationship between Ozgur and Ezgi will evolve and they will end up befriending each other… and much more.

Who are the actors / cast of the series Bay Yanliş (Mr. wrong) ?

Can Yaman is the main actor of this new Turkish drama. Bay Yanlis (Mr.wrong) is a romantic comedy. Can Yaman is used to this kind of roles since he was also the main actor of the famous series Erkenci Kuş. In the series Bay Yanlis, Can Yaman plays the role of Ozgur Atasoy. The name Ozgur means free in Turkish, which fits perfectly with the character played by Can Yaman in Mr.wrong (Bay Yanlis). Ozgur is a rich entrepreneur. He owns several restaurant/bars in Istanbul. As a ladies’ man he doesn’t believe in relationships.

can yaman episode 3 of bay yanlis

Can Yaman is a Turkish actor, born November 8, 1989 in Istanbul. He studied law and became a lawyer, but does not practice as a lawyer. In fact, he has formed a partnership with two friends and owns a law firm. Can Yaman who became known internationally through the series Erkenci Kuş, of which he shared the poster with the actress Demet Özdemir. He had previously played in the series Dolunay (fool moon), with Özge Gürel with whom he also played in this series Bay Yanlis.Can Yaman became known thanks to the series Erkenci Kuş in many countries.

Özge Gürel plays the role of Ezgi, a beautiful young woman, sensitive, but not self-confident. Precisely Ozgur (Can Yaman), is going to help her to realize this and to remedy it. Ezgi works in events. She’s an event organiser, but she’s going to get fired.She finds herself unemployed and homeless.

ezgi 2 bay yanlis episode 3

The actress Özge Gürel is known to have starred in several Turkish series. Romantic comedies that were very successful. This is the case of the series Kiraz Mevsimi, or Dolunay which she shared the poster in 2017 with Can Yaman. She also played in the series Muhteşem İkili with Kerem Bürsin and ibrahim çelikkol. But this series did not meet the expected success due to the low audience shares. It stopped after 12 episodes. More recently, Özge Gürel played in the film Annem in 2019. In 2018, she appeared in the mini-series Netflix BÖRÜ, where she played a Turkish Air Force fighter pilot.

In the series M. Wrong (Bay Yanlis), Ezgi has two close friends. Cansu, who is also his cousin, and Deniz, a lawyer and close friend.

Fatma Toptas

Fatma Toptaş plays the role of Cansu, Ezgi’s cousin. Among others, she played alongside Demet Ozdemir in the series No. 309.

Cemre Gümeli, plays the role of lawyer Deniz Koparan. She is known to have played in the series Elimi Birakma (2018/2019) and Tatli Intikam in 2016.

Serkay Tütüncü, plays the role of Ozan Dinçer, the restaurant’s chef and Ozan’s best friend. Actor Serkay Tütüncü made his name playing in the series Afili Ask; the romantic comedy of summer 2019.

Sarp Can Köroglu plays the role of Doctor Serdar. Sarp Can Köroglu has played in several series that have had international success such as Adini Feriha Koydum or the series Günesin Kizlari. More recently, he played in the series Yasak Elma.

The other actors in the series Mr. wrong (Bay Yanlis)

Episodes of the series Bay Yanlis

How to watch episodes of the series (Mr. Wrong) Bay Yanlis in streaming ? The series Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) is available for free on the Youtube channel of the series. The episodes are online in Turkish VO, but it is possible to activate subtitles to follow the episodes.
Here are the links to the summaries and videos of the episodes of the series Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlis)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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