Sen çal kapimi episode 4 summary (love is in the air ep4)

In this episode 4 of Sen çal Kapimi, Eda is under stress. Selin and Ferit are supposed to have dinner at Serkan’s house that night and Eda had claimed that she had moved in with Serkan. So they have to do everything they can to make Selin believe that they are really living together.

At the same time, Eda’s friends think that Serkan is cheating on Eda with Selin and wonder how they are going to tell this to their best friend.

At the end of episode 3 of Sen çal Kapimi (Love is in the air), Eda, under the effect of stress, suddenly fell asleep. As she was about to fall to the ground, Serkan had caught up with her and took her in his arms.

At the beginning of episode 4 of Sen çal Kapimi, Eda comes to her senses and remembers the reason why she had a panic attack. She remembers that Selin had called her to tell her that she was coming to their house that night!

Eda had lied to Selin to make her jealous. She had told her that she and Serkan had moved in together in Serkan’s house (end of episode 3 of Love is in the air).

Melo Ceren and Fifi wonder how they will tell Eda that Serkan is cheating on her. While Serkan accompanies Eda to her home, the girls take the opportunity to tell her what they have seen. They explain to Eda that they saw Serkan with Selin at the restaurant and that they were holding hands. Eda and Serkan will then pretend to argue and make up. But Ceren, Fifi and Melo are not convinced. They think that Serkan is cheating on Eda.

Serkan will force Eda to consult her family doctor. The doctor will advise Eda to go swimming to learn how to manage her stress.

Serkan will therefore force Eda to go swimming, but she will confess to him that she doesn’t know how to swim.

In this episode 4 of Love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi) Eda thinks that Serkan is going to teach her how to swim, so she goes shopping with her friends and carefully chooses the outfit she is going to wear. But Eda is disappointed when she discovers that Serkan has hired a swimming teacher. Eda’s choice of swimwear was guaranteed to catch Serkan’s eye. Indeed, Eda looks stunning in her outfit.

While the swimming teacher is showing Eda how to swim, she will try to get Serkan’s attention and he will not stop watching them. The close physical contact between Eda and the teacher disturbs Serkan.

In this episode 4 of Sen çal Kapimi, Serkan’s jealousy begins to appear. He will end the lesson quickly and as soon as Eda comes out of the pool, he immediately covers her with a towel.

As for Selin, she is working to bring Ferit into the company. Without talking to Serkan, she goes directly to Serkan’s father, who gives his permission for Ferit to work in the family business.

While they are supposed to prepare the house together, Serkan ducks, putting work first. So Eda asks her friends to get some of her things and drop them off at Serkan’s house. Selin and Ferit are supposed to have dinner at Serkan’s that evening and Eda has to pretend that she lives with Serkan.

Eda has to prepare the dinner. Serkan accompanies her shopping in a street market. This is his first time going to a market.

Eda and Serkan will find themselves cooking together in episode 4 of Sen çal Kapimi. Serkan amazes Eda with his cooking skills.

At the end of this 4th episode of Sen çal Kapimi (love is in the air), during the meal on the terrace, while everyone is having dinner, Selin pretends to want to go to the bathroom to go inside the house and do a little digging to check that Eda has indeed moved in with Serkan. Seeing Eda’s things in the house, she understands that they have really moved in together.

But at the very end of Episode 4, as Selin enters the house again to pick up a pen, she finds a document on Serkan’s desk that attracts her curiosity. As she begins to read it, Eda arrives and pulls it out of her hands. The document tears. In this episode 4 of love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi) Selin finds the contract that Eda and Serkan had signed !

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