Bay Yanlis, Mr wrong, episode 2, summary of the new series of Can Yaman

Episode 2 of Bay Yanlis, (also known as Mr Wrong), Can Yaman’s new series, aired on July 3 on the Turkish channel Fox. The first episode of the series of Can Yaman and Özgi Gürel, Bay Yanlis (Mr Wrong) was a big hit with fans of Turkish series and romantic comedies. Here is the detailed summary of Bay Yanlis episode 2 (ep. 2 S02)

The link to see the video of Mr wrong, Bay yanlis in streaming is at the end of this article

Ezgi, who thinks Serdar will be the man of her life and her future husband, wants to please him, but their first meeting was not conclusive. So Ezgi wants to make things right and try to please him. (summary of episode 1 of Mr. Wrong- Bay yanlis here) She asks her cousin Cansu to arrange a new meeting with Serdar. She wants to do everything she can to impress him. Ozgur (Can Yaman), a great charmer, is going to help her do it. Ezgi and Ozgur will make a deal. In exchange for Ozgur’s advice, Ezgi will have to pretend to be his girlfriend for one night. At Ozgur’s sister’s wedding.

History – summary of ep.02 of Mr Wrong – Bay Yanlis

At the beginning of episode 2 of Bay Yanlis, Ezgi and Ozgur talk. Ozgur had seen Ezgi when she was about to go to the party to see Dr. Serdar. Ozgur will tell Ezgi that she was beautiful. He tells her:

You were glowing
You were so beautiful that no man could deny your beauty!

But when Ozgur (Bay Yanlis) sees that Ezgi was sad, he immediately understands that the appointment went badly. He tells her that she probably acted stupidly.
Ozgur was right. Ezgi had offered Serdar an appointment, but he hadn’t shown any interest.

Ezgi realizes that Ozgur was right and she asks him to help her and to teach her the rules to know about relationships between men and women.

Bay Yanlis, Mr Wrong. Episode 2: Ozgur (Can Yaman) becomes Ezgi’s (Özgi Gürel) mentor

Ozgur (Can Yaman) agrees on the condition that Ezgi agrees to be his girlfriend for one evening, on the occasion of Ozgur’s sister’s wedding. Ozgur needs a woman who doesn’t fall in love with him. She will have to pretend to be in a relationship with him in front of Ozgur’s mother. Ozgur’s mother wants to see her son in a stable relationship and hopes that he will marry and give her grandchildren.

Ezgi ends up accepting Ozgur’s proposal who promises that if she follows the rules he will give her, she will receive a marriage proposal before the end of the summer.

In this second episode of Mr. Wrong – Bay Yanlis series, Ozgur explains to Ezgi that a man knows if he intends to marry a woman after the third date (meeeting). If after 3 months he doesn’t ask her to marry him, he will never do it. Ezgi then understands that his ex-boyfriend Soner never intended to marry her.

Mr. Wrong, episode 2: Ezgi follows Ozgur’s advice

Ezgi’s first mission is to try to be in the same place as Dr. Serdar. She explains her plan to Cansu and Deniz, but doesn’t tell them about Ozgur.

Ezgi goes to an event with Deniz and Cansu. Serdar is there.

EZGY follows Ozgur’s advice. She pretends not to see Serdar and walks with confidence, which does not fail to attract the attention of the other men present.

Ozgur is present and gives Ezgi advice. When Serdar asks him if she will be present at the sports competition later in the day, Ezgi will answer that she will not. She will tell him that she has other plans. This is bound to make Serdar even more interested in Ezgi.

In this episode 2 (Ep 2 S01) of Mr. Wrong – Bay Yanlis, Ozan falls under the love of Deniz, Ezgi’s friend. He sees her during the picnic and tries to talk to her, but without success. Deniz has been disappointed by men in the past and since then, she refuses to trust men.

Ezgi pretends to be a very busy and hard-working woman to Serdar. But in fact, she has lost her job.

Ozan visits Deniz at her law office, under the pretext of choosing her as a lawyer for their business. He learns that Deniz has a friend who is looking for a job as a public relations officer. Ozan jumps on the opportunity and explains to Deniz that he is looking for someone to work in their new restaurant. (Ozan doesn’t know that Deniz’s friend) is Ezgi, Ozgur’s neighbour.

After interviewing her, Ozan hires Ezgi.

Ozgur will help Ezgi to choose an outfit for her future date with Serdar. But while they’re shopping, they meet Soner, Ezgi’s ex-boyfriend. When Ozgur sees the way Soner treats Ezgi, he will pretend to be Ezgi’s new boyfriend.

Ezgi will then tell Ozgur her story with Soner. The fact that he cheated on her and that she found out about it while she was organizing a birthday party for him

bay yanlis episode 2 can yaman ozge gurel

At the end of episode 2 of Mr Wrong,Bay Yanlis series, Ozgur receives a call from his mother who warns him to come a day before the wedding date. When he informs Ezgi, Ezgi refuses since it is the day she is supposed to meet Serdar for their first dinner.

Ozgur and Ezgi argue and end up breaking their agreement.

But as she goes to the restaurant to see Ozan, Ezgi comes face to face with Ozgur. Ezgi understands that Ozgur is her new boss. They argue and Ezgi gives up his new job.

Watch the episode 2 of Mr Wrong, Bay Yanlis drama

We can see the series Mr. Wrong, Bay Yanlis on the channel FOX tv every Friday but also the same evening on the youtube channel of Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) in turkish with English subtitles.

Here is the link to see online episode 2 season 1 of Mr Wrong. The video is in turkish with english subtitles

Unfortunately, the version subtitled in Spanish and Italian has been removed from the official YouTube channel. We explain why in this article.

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