çukur season 2 episode 28 (ep 62), full summary

In episode 28, season 2 of Çukur, Yamaç is about to leave everything. He left Çukur and said goodbye to his family. While he is sitting on a bench somewhere in Istanbul, a black envelope is placed next to him. Here is the detailed summary of this episode 28 of the series, which corresponds to episode 62 of çukur.

It is the man with the ring who deposited the black envelope in front of Yamaç.

In this envelope, Yamaç finds an old invitation card, where it is written

The Gül pavilion welcomes Meliha Sanjakli every Sunday.

He therefore understands that Sena’s killing in that pavilion was no coincidence. So it wasn’t Mahsoun who killed Sena!

Yamaç goes back to Gül’s cabaret. The box in which Sena was killed is still there, in the center of the room. Yamaç jumps into the box and finds himself floating in the water.

The man with the ring had anticipated Yamaç’s coming, he is also present in the cabaret.

He engages the box closing mechanism, and the trapdoor is closed. The box is full of water and Yamaç tries to hold his breath, but the man does not intend to kill Yamaç for the moment; he says to him :

Don’t worry, we’ll meet again.

“Sena, was just the beginning. You’ll learn what it’s like not to be able to protect the ones you love.”

The man with the ring activates the mechanism and the access trapdoor to the basin opens again, allowing Yamaç to breathe. He manages to get out of the box. In the meantime, the man with the ring has disappeared…

Yamaç is chasing him in his car. The man’s car leaves the road, but he manages to escape through the forest and Yamaç loses his trail.

In Çukur, some men enter, they are the family of Medhet (the stone buyer killed the day before). They accuse Emi because he was seen leaving the building. Idriss asks Medhet’s family to give them a few days (The Koçovali will try to prove Mujahid’s innocence).

Other cars enter Çukur, and stop in front of a real estate agent. A man gets out of the car, it is Timssah (he was contacted after Sedat’s death). Timssah asks the man where he can find Yamaç Koçovali. The man refuses to answer, so he is kidnapped by Timssah who will torture and eventually kill him. The man’s body will be thrown in front of the Koçovali’s café in Çukur in order to send a message to Yamaç.

Yamaç goes to Aliço’s house and shows him the invitation. Aliço remembers that he had already heard about this place when he had done some research in the library about that time. Aliço had tried to find Meliha after the death of Hale, the journalist he had fallen in love with and who had been killed by Baykal Bey.

Salih took Kemal and Metin with him to try to find the stolen stones.

Yamaç goes to Meliha’s house with Aliço. He asks her to explain the story of the Gül pavilion.

Meliha discreetly takes her phone and warns Idriss that Yamaç is at her house.

Meliha begins to explain to Yamaç the story of the photo. The man in the background in the photo was called Idib. He was obsessed with her, but she rejected him. One day, the man’s wife came to see her with her son, asking her to leave her husband. But Meliha was already rejecting this man. Meliha left the music hall and started working at the Gül Pavilion, but the man found her and came every night to attend his concerts. Meliha was at that time in a relationship with Idriss.

Idriss arrived at Meliha’s house with Selim.
Yamaç asks his father if he killed the man in the picture!

“Did someone kill my wife because I’m your son?”

Yamaç falls to the ground and has a fit of madness. Aliço manages to calm him down. He comes to his senses and tells his father that the man won’t stop there.

Selim tells Yamaç that Baykal’s grave was empty. (Salih had it opened.) So they go to the showroom and shoot the guards. They are joined by Gumali.

Yamaç sees the man running away and understands that it is a trick. This man is not Baykal Bey!

Remzi on the orders of the man with the ring is charged to kill the man they passed off as Baykal. The man understands that he is going to be killed and manages to escape.

Derin, Sena’s best friend, shows Yamaç a video, which Sena had made for Yamaç’s birthday.

The man pretending to be Baykal Bey calls Yamaç and asks him to carry it. In exchange for what, he’ll tell him who’s the real boss? Yamaç asks him to come to Çukur.

 Salih manages to trace the precious stones and retrieves them.

As Gumali goes to the depot to pick up and deliver the stones that Salih has found, cars stop him on the way. It’ s Timssah (the crocodile). Gumali recognises him. He had heard of him before. Timssah kidnaps Gumali.

Warned that Gumali had not arrived at the depot, Idriss and Mujahid go looking for him. A young man warns them that Gumali has been kidnapped, but they don’t know by whom.

The man who had contacted Yamaç and who was pretending to be Baykal Bey arrives in Çukur, but as he is about to speak to Yamaç, he is shot in the head.

In this episode 28, season 2 of Çukur, Yamaç understands that Baykal Bey is not behind what happened in Çukur. A man was used to make people believe this. A beginning of an answer is given by Meliha who tells this 30-year-old story. Idriss Koçovali got rid of a man who was attacking Meliha.

Yamaç thus understands that his wife was killed because he is Idriss’ son, and above all… this man is not going to stop there…

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