çukur season 2 episode 20 (ep 53)

Get ready! We’re going to have a great time !

That’s how Yamaç welcomes the Karakuzu in Çukur.

Welcome to my Çukur

In this episode 20 of Çukur, we will see that the return of Chetto and Mahsoun in Çukur will perhaps give the beginning of a solution to Yamaç to understand and perhaps get rid of these enemies of Çukur.

In episode 19 season 2 of Çukur, we saw that the Koçovali found themselves obliged to welcome the Karakuzu in Çukur because of pressure from the other mafia clans in Istanbul. Here is the detailed resume of episode 20 season 2 of the series.

After talking with Aliço who reminded him of their first meeting, Idriss decides to become Idriss Koçovali again and to go back to Çukur where he is welcomed out of love and deference by the inhabitants.

His sons are happy to see him back in Çukur, and in his café.

Chetto and Mahsoun are in one of the houses of Çukur.

Mahsoun regrets that he did not kill the brothers one after the other. But Chetto reminds him that they have an agreement to respect (which confirms that the Karakuzu’s entry into Çukur was ordered by others).

Selim goes to Aisha’s house to take her home, but Aisha refuses. At that moment, there is a knock at her door. It is a Karakuzu who brings her a bouquet of flowers sent by Chetto.

Selim reads the card of the bouquet where Chetto thanks Aisha for saving him. So he understands that it was Aisha who helped Chetto when he was injured by Salih in Çukur.

She justifies herself by explaining that she cannot kill a person or be responsible for his death.

Mahsoun and Chetto visit Remzi (season 1 a child from Çukur who has joined the enemy) he is supposed to be dead.

After arranging their appearance at the request of Idriss, his sons join him. Idriss asks them to fill the space they left empty.

They must provide money and work for the inhabitants of Çukur.

Selim reminds them that the clubs and bars have been taken … the guards are out of work and the commissions are no longer paid … the arms sellers have no more material to sell …

The Koçovali sons divide up the tasks and go to visit their old contacts. Yamaç goes to see the hostage they freed and hides in plain sight of the Karakuzu. His name is Ujer.

Ujer tells Yamaç about the Karakuzu foundation. The Karakuzu group was founded by two people, Chetto and himself. So Ujer would be one of the founders of the movement. He tells him that at the age of 15, he ran away from the orphanage because of mistreatment. Chetto finds him and takes care of him (food, clothes…) they were very close and at that time they were “black sheep” (Karakuzu, black sheep are always the first ones you notice in a flock and they are the first ones taken by the wolves).

” you don’t have a family, but suddenly you have brothers who surround you and respect you “

“You feel like you belong to something… Chetto, Mahsoun, Arsoy, Awni… you think they’re all your brothers.”

Chetto ordered Ujer’s death. He says that 10 years earlier, Chetto set a trap to get rid of him and that they have been looking for him ever since.

Salih organizes a special reception for the Karakuzu. He installs loudspeakers right in front of their apartment and çukur’s young people dance in front of the house.

Chetto reacts strangely to all this which does not fail to catch Yamaç’s attention (it awakened a memory of his childhood when he was dressed as a woman and danced on traditional music in front of an audience of men).

Gumali and Selim go to the shops they used to secure before the Karakuzu took their place.

The young people of Çukur fight against the Karakuzu guarding the shops. In reprisal, Mahsoun asks his brothers to beat up these young people from Çukur one by one (to attack them in isolation).

The Karakuzu go to one of the youths’ homes, and as they try to break down the door of his house, another youth from Çukur who was passing by sees the scene and warns the Koçovali.

Gumali and Selim go there, quickly joined by other youths from Çukur. As they move through the streets of Çukur, their numbers grow, reminding them of the cohesion that existed before in Çukur.

A fight ensued between the Karakuzu and the youth of Çukur.

Seeing the state of his brothers, Mahsoun understands that the opposing camp has united. So he sets up a plan. He asks the other Karakuzu to attack each youth in Çukur, separately, but at the same time, simultaneously.

The Koçovali brothers can’t find any arms dealers who agree to sell them the merchandise on credit. Idriss asks Reiss who knows a wholesaler, but who is a bit “crazy”. Reiss takes Yamaç and Selim to this seller.

This seller agrees to sell them weapons on credit on the condition that they provide him batteries (they don’t understand the reason of this strange request!).

The hostage they had freed, the former Karakuzu, explains to them that one of the Karakuzu’s business is to collect this kind of things and to resell them when the offer is low (they own a dump).

They wait until nightfall and attack the dump. At the same time, the Karakuzu are applying Mahsoun’s plan against the young people of Çukur, but the young people had anticipated their intention.

Yamaç and Salih go to the arms dealer’s place to deliver the batteries, but they learn that they have to pick up the weapons in another region. They rely on Reiss (Uluç) to do so, as he owns a freight forwarding company, but his core business is transporting illegal goods.

As they were preparing to retrieve the weapons, they discovered that the truck carrying the goods had been stolen.

At the end of this episode 20, season 2 of çukur, several questions remain unanswered:

Who informed the Karakuzu about the arms shipment for the Kocovali?

Chetto’s determined to get Salih’s ass. Will he succeed?

Who’s the man Chetto’s meeting? Is it Baykal Bey?

The first answers to these questions will be given in episode 21 season 2 of Çukur, a summary of which can be found in this link


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