çukur season 2 episode 22 (ep 55), full summary

In episode 21, season 2 of Çukur, Medet had Chetto under control and the man with the ring was aiming at Salih, Yamach and Gumali. Here is the complete summary of episode 22, season 2 of Çukur, which corresponds to the episode … of the series.

This episode 22 of Çukur is full of twists and turns and a lot of information. Yamaç manages to find Chetto’s weak point, and has information that may allow him to put an end to the Chetto-Mahsoun duo.

The middleman between Chetto and Baykal Bey, the man with the ring, is presumed to be at the place of the altercation.

Medet stands behind Chetto and is about to shoot him in the head.

The youths of Çukur take over the Karakuzu. But Medet, just as he was about to shoot, was shot himself. He is taken to the emergency room and Chetto manages to escape with Remzi’s help.

Mahsoun reads the information in the file Yamaç gave him. Chetto comes in at this point and explains to him that all the young people are dead (Mahsoun is angry with him for having come back without “his brothers”, and for having abandoned them).

Salih goes to the laboratory where the Karakuzu make the drugs and sets fire to it.

Warned by Awni that the laboratory is burning, Chetto and Mahsoun go there. Mahsoun braves the fire and enters, trying to save his “brothers”, but Salih had anticipated their coming and was waiting.

When Mahsun entered, Salih threw a Molotov cocktail to prevent Mahsun from coming out, then he said: 

“Chetto go save your brother! If anything happens to mine (Medet) I’ll come and burn you! »

Gumali Salih and Yamaç wonder why Chetto is targeting Salih. Why is he so angry at Salih ?

Yamaç thinks back to Salih’s reception in front of the Karakuzu (folk music and dance of the young people of Çukur). Chetto couldn’t stand it and had a fit.

Yamaç concluded that Salih had touched Chetto’s sensitive point that day without realizing it.

Yamaç decided to find out about it and see if he could find out any information about it.

Salih blames himself for what happened to Medet and feels responsible. He couldn’t protect his brother.

Salih wants to be strong again to protect his loved ones. He wants to go back to the way he was before, but Idriss makes him promise to stop making drugs.

Yamaç, Selim and Gumali talk with Ujer and try to find out if Chetto has any weaknesses.

According to him, he doesn’t have any or he knows how to hide them. Yamaç asks him if he has ever behaved strangely as a child, since Chetto and Ujer have known each other since childhood.

Ujer explains to the Koçovali brothers that Chetto is physically fragile and that he cannot bear folk dance and music. But he doesn’t know why.

Mahsoun visits one of the Karakuzu doctors and hands him the file that Yamaç gave him.

The doctor laughed at him and told him that there is no such thing. They don’t sell the Karakuzu’s organs. He explains to him that this file is just a compilation of the information needed to ensure the health of the young people. The doctor convinces Mahsoun that the accusations are false.

(In reality, Chetto had anticipated Mahsoun’s coming and had warned the doctor because he had seen the file in Mahsoun’s hands).

Medet wakes up from the coma and Yamaç, who wants to confirm his theory, picks up Salih from the


As Chetto and Mahsoun wander around Çukur, Çukur youths watch them from the rooftops and give the signal that he is coming.

Çukur, episode 22, season 2, Yamaç discovers Chetto’s weak point

Chetto, Mahsoun and their close guard are suddenly surrounded by the youth of Çukur. At that moment, the folk music resounds and the young people of Çukur begin to dance.

Salih dances towards Chetto and repeats the sentence he said to Chetto:

“Dance like a girl.”

Chetto’s going crazy again. Yamaç watches them from the roof and confirms his theory.

Mahsoun, who had seen Yamaç, goes to join him to tell him that he did not fall into his trap and that the file he gave him was false.

Chetto’s in the middle of a crisis and becomes lethargic.

Selim, who is alone with Ujer, asks him questions about Mahsoun. He tells him that it was Chetto who found him, when he was 6 years old and didn’t even know his real name. It was Chetto who named him Mahsoun.

Yildiz, visits Medet in the hospital, she then accompanies Saadet home and gets to know Damla.

Sultan sends Yildiz home, Saadet and Sena do not understand her reaction.

Gumali sends Meke on a mission to gather information about Chetto.

Metin joins the Koçovali brothers in Çukur’s café, with a suitcase full of money (Çukur’s young people who work in arms sales have sold everything and are waiting for a new delivery).

Salih refuses to take his part of the money from the sale of arms (the sale of arms was Kahraman’s business, he feels guilty for touching the proceeds of this business). 

Çukur, episode 22, season 2 (55) the evidence against Chetto

Selim, Metin and Kemal go to the Karakuzu dispensary. They find the morgue and Selim takes pictures of the bodies from which organs have been taken.

Gumali goes to the cabaret where Yildiz works. When he comes home the next morning, Sultane tells him:

The woman who really loves you is not going to expect you to spend money to get her to sit at your table.

The custom in those nightclubs, is to spend money on alcohol so that the girls of the club sit at the table of the client and keep him company, she refers to Yildiz.

Salih, who wants to set up his own business, independently of the family, offers Gelasun to join him and work with him.

Yamaç, Çello, birth of a new alliance, in this episode 22 season 2 of Çukur

Yamaç and Selim go to their arms supplier to place a new order, but they are followed by the Karakuzu, who are waiting for them to leave to visit the seller.

They threaten him and order him to not work with the Koçovali (they don’t know who he is).

Yamaç and Selim go to Reiss Uluç’s house to ask him to carry the arms in his trucks, but they are interrupted by Çello, the arms supplier, who comes to bring back what they had given him (payment for the previous arms delivery).

He tells them that he is supplying them with the merchandise for 1/4 of the initial price (the visit of the Karakuzu has irritated him).

The Karakuzu set up a roadblock to intercept the shipment, but Yamaç had anticipated Mahsoun’s action.

The truck was a bait, Yamaç had hung inside, the photos of the Karakuzu’s bodies, taken at the dispensary.

Mahsoun therefore saw the photos of the bodies of his brothers from which organs had been removed.

The Koçovali are attacked at the point of delivery of the merchandise, where Selim, Metin and Kemal are located;

Attacks occur simultaneously at the arms supplier where Yamaç is; at Reiss Uluç’s restaurant, where Idriss and Mujahid are, and at the Damla office where Gumali joined him.

They get rid of the attackers, but Metin notices that they were unusually few in number.

In reality, they had planted explosives at the port and where Reiss’s trucks were. They also set fire to the restaurant.

Sena asks Yamaç if they have any money, and she explains that it is for Aksin, so that she can have surgery for her facial scar (Aksin told Sena that she feels that Gelasun doesn’t love her anymore, and that she has a lot of complexes about her scar).

Gelasun finds men who are willing to follow Salih. Salih and his men go to the bar that had denied the protection of the Koçovali and preferred the protection of the Karakuzu.

Selim’s mission is to find information about a missing child, based on the information Sena has given him.

The Karakuzu’s doctor contacts Chetto to tell him that a buyer has come for organs. Chetto will meet him in Çukur.

Idriss and Mujahid tell Reiss Uluç, their wish to see his daughter Damla join the family, by marrying Gumali.

At the same time, Gumali visits Yildiz in the cabaret where she works and asks her:

“If I didn’t have money, if I couldn’t afford a bottle, would you still have been sitting at this table? »

Yildiz answers him

“What kind of question is that ! You’re in a pavilion! »

Marry me!

Chetto waits for the doctor and the buyer in an alley of Çukur, but it is Mahsoun who arrives at the appointment.

The Koçovali brothers, Salih, Yamaç Gumali, Selim as well as Gelasun and Kemal, set up shop above Meke’s shop in Çukur with popcorn to observe Chetto and Mahsoun’s dispute.

At the end of the dispute, between Chetto and Mahsoun, the Koçovali people stand up and applaud the spectacle that delighted them.

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