Turkish series Sadakatsiz (Infiel) to be broadcast in Spain

Sadakatsiz (Infiel), the adaptation of the British series Dr Foster, will be broadcast in Spain soon.

The turkish series, Sadakatsiz, whose season 2 is currently being broadcast on Kanal D, is about to meet the Spanish public. The adaptation of the series “Dr. Foster” starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen is sure to captivate the audience of Antena 3, which will broadcast the series from 3 September.

The series Sadakatsiz, produced by Medyapim and distributed internationally by Madd Entertainment under the title ‘A Woman Scorned’, will be broadcast in Spain under the name ‘Infiel
A Woman Scorned (Sadakatsiz/Infiel) will be the fifth Turkish series to be broadcast by Atresmedia Group channels in Spain. After the series Kadin (Mujer /Women) and Mi Hija, and more recently the series ‘innoncents’ (Masumlar Apartmani) and Tierras amaragas (Bir Zamanlar çukurova/Bitter lands), it is now Sadakatsiz (Infiel) that will be broadcast on Antena 3.

The series Sadakatsiz (Infiel/Unfaithful) is an adaptation of the BBC-produced British series Dr Foster. The original version of Sadakatsiz, Dr Foster, won numerous awards at the BAFTA awards and the National television awards in 2016. The series has since been adapted in several countries.

History of the Sadakatsiz (Infiel) series

Asya is a brilliant doctor, happily married and the mother of a young son. Her life is turned upside down when she discovers that her husband is cheating on her with a beautiful young woman, much younger than her. Asya (Cansu Dere) discovers that her husband Volkan (Caner Cindoruk) is having an affair with the young Derin (Melis Sezen) and that their close friends know about it. She feels betrayed on many levels and decides to take revenge on all the people who betrayed her.

Sadakatsiz (Infiel /a woman scored) is a particularly gripping psychological drama. We quickly enter Ayse’s world and wonder what her limits will be. We follow with delight the journey of this betrayed and wounded woman who quickly recovers and decides to take her revenge.


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