Sadakatsiz, with Cansu Dere. The Turkish adaptation of the series Doctor Foster.

Kanal D will broadcast a new adaptation of a foreign series: Sadakatsiz ! Indeed, the production company Medyapim has signed an agreement with the BBC for the adaptation of its successful series: Doctor Foster.

The Turkish version of the series Doctor Foster will be called Sadakatsiz, and will have Cansu Dere as its lead actress.

Filming of the series Sadakatsiz began in September and broadcasting is scheduled to begin in October.

Dr Foster is a successful British series. Broadcast by BBC Television and distributed internationally by BBC Studio. Created in 2015, this 10 episode mini-series won several awards at the Press Guil Awards and the 2016 BAFTA awards.

What is the story, the synopsis of the series Sadakatsiz ?

Sadakatsiz tells the story of a woman (Cansu Dere) who discovers that her husband is cheating on her.

Asya (Cansu Dere) is a woman to whom everything succeeds. She is a doctor and has a great career. She is married to Folkan and together they had a son, Ali.
But Asya’s (Cansu Dere) life is turned upside down when she finds a woman’s hair on her husband’s scarf. A blond hair, whereas she is a brunette. Asya is determined to find out what is hidden from her, even if it means risking her career.

Information about the series Sadakatsiz :

Genre : Drame 
Chaîne : Kanal D
Production : Medyapim
Année de diffusion : 2020

Directors and screenwriters of Sadakatsiz

The turkish series Sadakatsiz is directed by Neshihan Yesilyurt who had directed the first 3 seasons of the series Yasak Elma.

 Sadakatsiz’s screenplay is written by Kemal Hamamgioglu and Dilara Pamuk

Who are the actors in the turkish serie Sadakatsiz ?

Here are all the details and information about the actors. the cast of the Turkish adaptation of the series Doctor Foster : Sadakatsiz. The main actress of the series is Cansu Dere, who plays the role of Asya Arslan. She shares the screen with the actor Caner Cindoruk, who plays her husband, Volkan Arslan.

The main actors of the series Sadakatsiz

Cansu Dere who plays the role of Asya is a well-known Turkish actress. Some of her series have been broadcast in many countries, which has helped Cansu Dere gain international popularity. The series Anne in which she played the lead role in 2017 is currently being broadcast in several Latin American countries where it has become a hit. She has also played in the series Sila and Ezel, which have become classics in Turkish series and have been sold internationally in countless numbers.

cansu dere in the serie Sadakasiz

Cansu Dere is an actress and model born in 1980 in Ankara. Her first big role was in the series SILA, where she played the character of Sila. She then participated in several films, but her role in the series Ezel in 2009 made her a star. Cansu Dere’s co-star in the series Ezel was Kenan Imizarioglu.

Nevertheless, the last series in which Cansu Dere played did not meet with the expected success. The series Ferhat ile sirin, which she co-starred with Tolga Saritas in 2019, had to stop after 6 episodes due to low ratings. Let’s hope that the Sadakatsiz series will not suffer the same fate.

Caner Cindoruk plays the role of Folkan in the series Sadakatsiz. He plays the role of the unfaithful husband.
Caner Cindoruk is a Turkish actor born in 1980 in Adana, Turkey. He has a long career and has participated in many plays, films and series.

Caner Cindoruk has recently participated in the series Zemheri in 2020, which lasted only 10 episodes, due to insufficient audience), but before that he played the role of Sarp during the 3 seasons in the successful series Kadin (More information about the series Kadin in this article)

The other actors of the series Sadakatsiz

Melis Sezenplays the role of Derin. Melis is a young actress born in 1993 in Istanbul. She was in the cast of the series Sevgili Geçmis. One of the series that started this year, but which only lasted 8 episodes. Because of the ratings. Melis Sezen’s previous series “Leke” had the same fate as it lasted only 9 episodes.

About the series Sadakatsiz

Sadakatsiz is the remake of the successful series Doctor Foster. This British series has already been adapted in other countries, in India, Russia, South Korea and France (series: infidel). This will therefore be the fifth remake of this seine.

About the agreement with the production company Medyapim, and the adaptation of Sadakatsiz, the head of sales at BBC studio said:

The story of Doctor Foster continues to resonate with audiences around the world, generating discussion about the choices people often face in modern relationships. Gemma Foster is a strong and complex woman and I cannot wait to see Cansu Dere’s interpretation of her story for Turkish viewers. With Medyapim’s stellar track record for quality scripted adaptations in Turkey and the huge appetite for drama locally, I have no doubt that this version of Doctor Foster will captivate audiences in Turkey on Kanal D – I hope that this will be the first of many more adaptations in the region.

About the Sadakatsiz series, the president of Medyapim, Fatih Aksoy, said :

“It makes me extremely excited to tell the story of a woman who refuses to be a victim of her life and chooses not to surrender. I strongly believe that Cansu Dere, whom I am working with for the second time after “Mother”, will be so successful in bringing this character to life… ”

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