Turkish series Uzak Sehrin Masali, news, cast and storyline

Aslıhan Güner, who played the character of Yildiz in the series Kuzey Yildiz Ilk Ask, is back in a new series: Uzak Sehrin Masali (Story of a faraway town)

When does the series start, what is the story of Uzak Sehrin Masali, who are the actors of this new Turkish series? We answer all your questions.

uzak sehrin masali turkish serie with aslihan guner and baris kilic

Uzak Sehrin Masali is a series mixing romance and action. It tells the story of a man on the run (Kürsat) who crosses paths with a strong-willed woman (Sonay)

Produced by 25Film, the series will be broadcast on Turkish channel Fox Tv. The new Turkish series Uzak Sehrin Masali stars Aslihan Güner, Baris Kiliç, Timur Acar, Begüm Birgören and Zeynep Eronat.

The series is directed by Mustafa Sevki Dogan. The screenplay of Eski Sehrin Masali is by Can Sinan

The story of the series Uzak Sehrin Masali

Ummay (Aslihan Güner) is married and has two children. She can’t stand the cruelty of her husband Affan (Timur Acar). One evening, she finally escapes with her children and takes refuge in her native village, Eskitepe, where her older sister, Sonay (Begüm Birgören) still lives.

On the other side, Kürşat (Baris Kiliç) is a fugitive with a mysterious past. He has crossed the border illegally and will hide in Sonay’s house. They will then pretend to be married.

The roads of all these characters will cross in the town of Eskitepe and out of this crossing a love triangle will appear. Sonay and Umay will both fall in love with Kürşat..

The actors of Uzak Sehrin Masali

Aslihan Güner

Aslihan is the first name announced for the Uzak Sehrin Masali series. She joins the series in a leading role. She will play the role of Umay.

After the series Kuzey Yildiz, Ilk Ask, Aslihan returns to the screen in this new series.

aslihan guner in the serie uzak sehrin masali

Baris Kilic
Baris who left the series Yasak Elma at the end of season 4 joins the cast of the series Uzak Sehrin Masali, in the role of Kürşat. He will play the main role alongside Aslihan Güner.

(Baris Kiliç has left the series Yasak Elma. We will miss the Ender-Kaya couple, but that’s another topic).

The other actors in the series are Timur Acar, who plays Affan, Umay’s husband. Begüm Birgören plays the role of Sonay, Ummay’s older sister and Zeynep Eronat.

When will the series start?

The shooting of the series Uzak Sehrin Masali began in July and will be broadcasted from September 12, on the channel Fox Tv.

The series Uzak Sehrin Masali will be broadcast on Sunday 12 September and will face the series Ikimizin seri which began this summer and which is broadcast on a competing channel. In addition, it is expected that the season 2 of the action series Teskilat will return to the channel Atv and its broadcast day is also Sunday. We can’t wait to see the breakdown of the audience shares for this broadcast day.

Where is the series Uzak Sehrin Masali filmed?

The shooting of the series will start in the city of Kars and will continue in Istanbul (it will be shot in the Beykoz district of Istanbul).

The city of Kars is a Turkish city in Eastern Anatolia, which is located on the border with Armenia.

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