15 Turkish Series to watch on Netflix in 2021

If you are wondering what Turkish series can be seen on Netflix, we have prepared a list of 15 Turkish series to be seen in 2020. These series are available for streaming on Netflix. Some of these series are original Turkish Netflix series. They are produced by Netflix and are available in the language of your choice. Other series are Turkish series broadcast on Turkish TV channels and offered by Netflix on the platform. They are therefore in (Turkish) VO (Turkish) with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic … and several other languages.

The Netflix streaming platform is gradually expanding its programme catalogue in order to meet the demands of its customers. Turkish films and series are not to be outdone. In recent years, Turkish films and series have conquered new markets and it is natural that Netflix has added several Turkish series to its catalogue. The streaming platform has produced several Turkish series. 3 are available and more are planned. Netflix has also added several cult and successful series to its catalogue.

Here is the list of 15 Turkish series that can be seen on Netflix in streaming

The Netflix catalogue varies from country to country, it is possible that some Turkish series are not available in your country.

Diriliş Ertuğrul (Resurection Ertuğrul)

famous turkish serie dirilis ertugrul available on netflix

The famous Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul, is available on Netflix under the title Resurection: Ertuğrul. The series, which was broadcast on the Turkish national channel TRT from 2014 to 2019, has 5 seasons and 150 episodes.

The series Diriliş Ertuğrul, Resurection Ertuğrul tells the story of this historical character, Ertuğrul Gazi and his father Suleyman Shah belonging to the Kayi tribe.
Ertuğrul Gazi, is also the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. (Kuruluş: Osman, is a continuation of Diriliş Ertuğrul, and is currently being broadcast on Turkish TV. The main actor is Burak Özçivit. The series tells the story of Osman, son of Ertugrul and founder of the Othman Empire).

Diriliş Ertuğrul, which can be discovered on Netflix, is a historical saga that tells the conquests of this historical character in the 13th century. Fighting empires and conquests set in the context of religious conflicts.

The charismatic Engine Atlan Düzyatan, plays the main character, Ertuğrul.
This Turkish series available on Netflix honours bravery, a sense of honour and justice with just the right dose of emotion.

Diriliş Ertuğrul (Resurection Ertuğrul) is a Binge watching series with its 400 hours of content. The series is available for streaming on Netflix here.

On Netflix, the plot of the series is as follows:
When a good deed unintentionally puts his clan in danger, a 13th century Turkish warrior agrees to fight the enemies of a sultan in exchange for new tribal lands.

The protector (Hakan : Muhafiz) (the protector of Istanbul)

the original turkish netflix serie the protector is available

Genre : fantaisie/sci-Fi

Hakan: Muhafiz (the protector) is the first Netflix original series. This series was therefore eagerly awaited by fans of Turkish series.

The protector is a science fiction series featuring a kind of super hero, descended from an ancestral line of Istanbul protectors, against the immortals who want to bring the chao to earth.

The first Netflix original Turkish series, The protector is an adaptation of a novel by Nilüfer İpek Gökdel.

Hakan is an ordinary young man, working in the big bazaar of Istanbul, who will learn that he is the protector of Istanbul, descending from a long line of protectors. They are helped by a kind of brotherhood, the Sadiks (the loyal ). The lineage of the protectors of Istanbul passes on a shirt and a dagger with mystical powers that protects and helps the protector in his battle against the immortals.

The success of the first season of the series the protector on Netflix, made it possible to continue the series and the fourth and last season of this Turkish serie is available on Netflix since July 2020.

Number of episodes available on Netflix: 4 seasons/32 episodes.
Turkish star Cagtay Ulusoy, plays the role of Hakan
Hazar Ergüçlu is her sadik she plays the role of Zeynep.
Okan Yalabik plays the role of Faisal Erden, the protector’s enemy.

Plot (synopsis) of the series by Netflix
After discovering what links him to an ancient secret order, a young man in modern Istanbul sets out to save the city from the clutches of an immortal enemy.

The 4 seasons of the protector are available streaming on Netflix here

The Gift : Atiye

atiye original netflix serie withe bereen saat

Genre : Surnaturel

Atiye, the Gift is an original Netflix series. This is the second original Netflix Turkish series. The first season of Atiye (the gift), which went online on Netflix in 2019, was so successful that the second and third season of Atiye have been ordered.

The second season of the Turkish Atiye series will be available on 10 September 2020 on Netflix.

Atiye, The Gift, is a dramatic series in the mystical/paranormal genre. The Turkish series Atiye is based on a short story written by Sengül Boybas.

What is the story of the Turkish series Atiye?

Atiye is a beautiful young woman from a rather well-to-do family. Painter, slightly eccentric, Atiye often draws a motif almost innately in all her paintings. One day, an archaeologist discovers this same motif in the ruins of a prehistoric historical site, Göbekli tepe.

Gobekli Tepe is one of the oldest temples on earth dating back to prehistoric times, to the Neolithic period.
Atiye will try to discover her origins through mystical experiences that link her to the mother earth.

The Gift (Atiye) series on Netflix marks the return of the talented Beren Saat after a long absence.
In the Turkish series Atiye, Beren Saat shares the poster with Melissa şenolsun, who plays her sister, and Mehmet Günsus (who plays the archaeologist Erham), who discovered the symbol.

Netflix Plot: An Istanbul painter embarks on an adventure linked to an Anatolian archaeological site to discover universal secrets and its links with her own past.

Les 2 saisons de Atiye The Gift sont disponibles en streaming sur Netflix from this link

Love 101 (ask 101)

turkish serie ask 101 also known as love 101 is available on netflix

Genre : Young/drame/romance

Love 101 (ask101), is an original Turkish Netflix series. Broadcast on Netflix from April 2020, this is the third original Turkish Netflix series, but the first one specifically aimed at a young audience.

L’histoire de Ask 101 suit le parcours d’un groupe de 5 jeunes lycéens turcs dans les années 1990. Ces lycéens sont plutôt cancres, rebelles, et le directeur du lycée tente de les faire renvoyer de son établissement.

The young high school students will try everything to avoid being expelled and have the idea of creating a love story between their teacher Buru and the handsome sports teacher Kemal.

This Turkish Netflix series was a great success even outside Turkey. This is the case in Arab countries where some actors of Ask 101 (love 101) enjoy great popularity.
The actor who plays the role of Kemal, the sports teacher is known for his role in the series Kara sevda (Endless love).

Netflix ordered the second season of the Turkish series Love 101 (Ask 101), but this second season of the series created controversy even before the shooting, as it was about the homosexuality of one of the young high school students. The Turkish Broadcasting Supervisory Authority is opposed to it. The same question had arisen for the first season of Ask 101 (Love 101) before it was broadcast, but the issue had not been clearly discussed in the first season.

Actors in the Turkish series Netflix Ask 101 are Alina Boz (Elimi birakma), Kubilay Aka, Pinar Deniz, Ipik Filiz Yazici, Mert Yazıcıoğlu

Number of episodes available on Netflix: 8

Plot (synopsis) of Netflix for Ask 101 (love 101)
A model high school student and four rebels decide that their favourite teacher must have a crush on the handsome basketball coach. A crazy story of friendship, love and courage.

Season 1 of Love 101 (ask 101) is available on Netflix from this link

Avulu (The Yard)

turkish serie the yard avlu on netflix

The Avulu series is currently available on Netflix. It is the Turkish adaptation of the Australian Wentworth series and focuses on the prison environment.

Avulu (the Yard) follows the lives of women in prison and tells the story of their daily lives full of violence and struggles for domination, but also the loneliness of these women far from their loved ones.
The series Avulu, the yard, broadcast in Turkey from 2018 to 2019, has 3 seasons and 44 episodes.

The main actors in this Turkish series include Demet evgar, Ceren Moray (known for her role in the series O Hayat Benim and currently starring in the series Ogretmen) as well as Nursel Köse (currently starring in the series Güvercen).

Number of episodes available for the series Avlu on Netflix: 2 seasons, 35 episodes.

What is the synopsis of this series on Netflix?
After an explosive family argument, a devoted mother finds herself in prison and struggles to survive, in the hope of finding her daughter.

Episodes of Avlu (the yard) can be watched in streaming on Netflix from this link

Kara Para Ask (black money love)

kara para ask with engin and tuba available on netflix

                                                                       Genre : policier/drame/romance

Kara Para Ask (black money love/black diamond) is a Turkish series that was broadcast on ATV in 2014. The series Kara Para Ask has been a great success internationally, thanks to its duo of star actors :
Engin Akyürek (Kerem in the series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne, and currently starring in the series Sefirin Kizi).
Tüba Büyüküstun (Cesur ve Guzel/Asi/ Rise of empires …)

These two actors, Engin and Tuba, on the poster of Black money love (black diamond) available on Netflix, play the roles of Omer and Elif. Two people, coming from different backgrounds and who should never have crossed paths, find themselves embroiled in a story about dirty money (Kara para: black (dirty) money in Turkish).

The story, the synopsis of Kara para Ask :

Omer is a police commissioner and Elif is a jewellery designer from a very wealthy family. A tragic event that takes place during the first episode of Kara para ask, reunites them.
A love story set in the context of a criminal investigation.

Number of episodes available on Netflix: 164 seasons 1 and 2 of kara para ask are available

Netflix Synopsis
When the fiancée of a policeman and the father of a jewellery designer are found murdered in the same place, their relatives set out in search of the truth.

Further information :

The series Kara para Ask has been very successful internationally and has been broadcast in more than a hundred countries with various names: (black diamonds, Amor de contrabando, Diamantia & erotas, Al-Ichk Al-Aswad …)

The actor Engin Akyürek was nominated for an Emmy in 2015 for his role in Kara Para Ask in the best male performance category.

The 2 seasons of Kara para ask (black money) can be seen from this link on Netflix

Börü (Wolf)

boru wolf with serkan turkish serie on netflix

Genre: Action/war

Börü (Wolf) is fully available on Netflix in streaming.

The Turkish Börü (Wolf) series is an action/adventure/war type series. The series follows the adventures of an elite group of Turkish police officers fighting terrorists.

This Turkish mini-series available on Netflix has a political background. It is actually about the events that preceded the attempted coup d’état in the summer of 2016 in Turkey.

Although fictional, the mini-series Boru (Wolf), which can be seen on Netflix, is based on real events. The enemy designated at the end of the first episode of Börü (Wolf) is the same one who was designated by the Turkish government as responsible for the events in Turkey in 2016.

The mini-series Börü (Wolf) was followed by a film of the same name, Börü (Wolf), which is not available on Netflix (the quality and direction of the film is inferior to the series).

In this Turkish series, Börü/Wolf, we find the actor Serkan çayoğlu (currently playing in the series Yeni hayat).
The actress Özge Gürel (currently in the buzzing series : Bay Yanlis) plays the role of a fighter pilot.

The Netflix plot for the Turkish series Wolf (Börü):
Members of a police task force in Turkey deal with danger and tragedy on the ground and at home.

To watch the series Börü (Wolf) on Netflix, click on this link

PHI (Fi)

turkish drama phi fi on netflix

Catégorie : thriller psychologique.

Can Manay is a famous psychologist who hosts a television show in which he receives celebrities live and makes them reveal their buried secrets.

Can will develop an obsession for a young woman Duru, who will become his neighbour. Can’s sickly obsession with Duru, who is herself in a relationship with Deniz, will make the couple waver.

Can observes Doru constantly and will sneakily interfere in her life. Duru is a ballet dancer and for Can, her body has perfect proportions; hence the title of the series PHI (Fi) which is known to be the golden number.

The PHI (Fi) series that can be seen on Netflix is an adaptation of a best-selling novel in Turkey by Azra Kohen Sarizeybek.

The Puhu platform had broadcast this web series in 2017 in Turkey. The series PHI (Fi) won the Golden Butterfly Awards of the best internet web series in 2018.

In the casting of this Turkish series that can be seen on Netflix, we find :
Serena Sarikayi
Ozan Guven (currently in the BABIL/the choice series)
Mehmet Günsur (seen in the series Netflix Atiye, The Gift)

The series PHI (FI) is fully available on Netflix and includes 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes. Cliquez sur ce lien pour y accéder

Rise of empires: Ottoman

rise of empires ottoman with tuba on turkish netflix

Genre : fiction/Documentary

Rise of Empires: Ottoman is a Netflix series of 6 episodes with many famous Turkish actors such as Tüba Büyüküstün, Selim Bayraktar, Damla Sonmez and Cem Yigit Üzümoglu as Sultan Mehmet.

This original Turkish Netflix series is a fictionalized and staged documentary.

Rise of empires: Ottoman tells the story of Sultan Mehmet II and his capture of the Byzantine capital Constantinople. In a particular style, peculiar to Netflix, this documentary series mixes typical documentary scenes interspersed with explanations with scenes romanticized and reconstructed by the actors.

The series Rise of Empires: Ottoman has 6 episodes to watch on Netflix. As for whether there will be a second season of Rise of Empires: Ottoman, we don’t know yet.

To watch Rise of empires; Ottoman, on Netflix, click on this link

Intersection (Kordugum)

intersection ibrahim cellikol netflix serie

Genre : sentimental/drama

Intersection (Kordugum) is a sentimental Turkish series that can be seen on Netflix.
It is one of the first Turkish series available on Netflix.

Kordugum (Intersection) est une série turque romantique produite par Endemol Shine et diffusée sur FOX TV en 2016.

This Turkish series tells the story of Ali Nejat. A businessman, a former car driver who discovers in tragic conditions that he is the father of a 5 year old child. Ali Nejat will cross the road with Naz, a paediatrician, herself married to Umut, who will work for Ali Nejat on a secure vehicle project. These three characters will see their lives turned upside down.

The actors of Intersection (Kordugum), which can be seen on Netflix, are :
Ibrahim Celikol (currently starring in the series Dogdum Ev Kaderindir, with Demet Ozdemir)
Alican Yücessoy
Belcin Bilgin

Netflix Plot for the series Intersection (Kordugum) :
Two rich businessmen obsessed with cars meet an idealist paediatrician. Love comes into play, changing their lives for good.

Les 3 saisons de la série Intersection, Kordugum, sont disponibles sur Netflix directly from this link.


onur tuna in turkish serie filinta netflix

Genre : historical/police

The Turkish series Filinta tells the story of an Ottoman policeman.

Broadcast on the Turkish national channel TRT from 2014 to 2016, the series Filinta, now available on Netflix, has 2 seasons and a total of 149 episodes.

The Turkish series Filinta takes place in the 19th century and tells the adventures of Filinta Mustafa a kind of marshal. An Ottoman policeman, falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to death. He will do everything to prove his innocence and find the real culprit of the conspiracy.

Onur Tuna is the lead actor in the series Filinta, which is available on Netflix. Onur, who recently starred in the series Yasak Elma, is now starring in Mucize Doctoru.

To watch the Filinta series on Netflix, follow this link

Immortals (the Vampire of Istanbul/Yasamayanlar)

kerem bursin and elcin sangu on netflix turkish serie

Genre : fantasy

Yasamayanlar (Immortals) is a Turkish series in the fantasy genre, available on Netflix. The series features vampires in Istanbul in the 1800s.

Mia is a human turned into a vampire who tries to take revenge on the one who transformed her: Dimitri. To do so, she joins forces with a group of rebels.

The BluTv platform had broadcast the series Yasamayanlar (Immortals) in 2018 and it is now available on Netflix.

The main actors of Yasamayanlar (Immortals) are :
Elçin Sangu (currently playing in the serie Iyi Gunde Kotu Gunde)
Kerem Bürsin (currently playing in the series Sen çal Kapimi)
Birkan Sokullu (Rise of empires: ottoman/ on Netflix)
Selma Ergeç (Muhtesem Yüzyl)
Nilperi Sahinkaya (currently playing in the series Yeni hayat)

Plot from the Yasamayanlar (Immortals) series on Netflix :
Driven by vengeance, Mia, a human who has been turned into a vampire, sets out to defeat Dmitry, a ruthless vampire leader who is looking for an artifact that will grant him immortality.

Number of episodes available on Netflix: 1 season, 8 episodes of 60 minutes. To see Immortals on Netflix click here

Masum (innocent)

Genre : Police

Broadcast on the BluTv platform in 2019 The Turkish series Masum (innocent) is now available on Netflix.

Masum, which means innocent in Turkish, tells the story of Cevdet, a retired former policeman, who finds himself mixed up with his family in a dark criminal story that will uncover buried secrets.

The main actors in this Netflix series are Haluk Bilgimer, Ali Atay, Tülin Özen, Irem Altug and Ozan Yalabik.

Here is the link to see the series Masum (innocent)

20 Minutes (20 dakika)

20 dakika minutes on netflix turkish serie with tuba buyukusun

Genre : thriller

20 dakika (20 minutes) is a Turkish series, available on Netflix but only in some countries. (The series is not available in the French Netflix catalogue).

20 minutes, is a Turkish series that was broadcast on STAR TV in 2013 and has 25 episodes.

This series tells the story of a happy family whose life is suddenly turned upside down. The mother of the family is put in jail and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Her husband, who cannot imagine that his wife is guilty, will try everything to prove her innocence and get her to escape from prison. But the evidence proves otherwise.

This Turkish series has been widely distributed in many countries. It is an adaptation of a French film “Tout pour elle” (anything for her).

The series 20 minutes features actress Tüba Büyüküstün (the mother), Ikrem Aksum (the loving husband) and Firat çelik (the tenacious policeman).

The series 20 dakika (20 minutes) can be found on Netflix, but only in a few countries. click here to watch.

Winter Sun (Kış Güneşi)

kis gunesi winter sun on netflix turkish serie

A young man who had lost his memory following a tragic accident (which was actually a murder) will learn that he comes from a rich family and that he has a twin brother. But when he reappears, the person who killed his father will immediately try to kill him because he was the only witness at the time, but instead his twin brother will die. Efe will therefore take the place of his deceased twin brother in order to bring the culprits to light.

The series Kış Güneşi (Winter sun) is a production of Endemol Shine and was broadcast on Show TV in 2016.

The main actors of the Turkish series Kış Güneşi (winter sun) are Sukru Ozyildiz and Asli Enver.

Plot of the series on Netflix :
Years after ruthless businessmen killed his father and ordered the death of his twin brother, a modest fisherman adopts a new character to seek revenge.

You can see the series from this link.

Here is the list of 15 Turkish series that can be viewed on the streaming platform Netflix.

And you, what is your favourite series on the list?
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