Bay Yanlis, Mr wrong, episode 5, full summary of Can Yaman’s new series

Episode 5 of Bay Yanlis (Mr Wrong), aired on Friday 24 July on Turkish television. Audience shares are starting to drop which worries fans of the series and Can Yaman who would not want to see their series stop.

The series Bay Yanlis, (Mr Wrong) is in competition with the other series of the summer, such as Sen çal capimi and Çati kati ask. At the moment, the Sen çal capimi series, the series of Hende Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, is outperforming Bay Yanlis in terms of audience.

In this episode 5 of Bay Yanlis, (Mr Wrong) Ezgi and Ozgur are facing Serdar, who is going to attend the wedding of Ebru, Ozgur’s sister. The friends will do everything they can to try to get through the wedding ceremony without any trouble. For their part, the families are happy with the relationship between Ozgur and Ezgi and hope to see them get married.

Here is the detailed summary of episode 5 of the series Bay Yanlis (Mr Wrong).

At the end of episode 4 of Bay Yanlis, Ezgi and Ozgur and their friends are astonished to see Serdar in front of them in Göcek (summary of episode 4 here)

Serdar was supposed to go on a trip, but his plants changed when a patient came to see him in an emergency and missed his plane.

He will explain to Ezgi that he came to Göcek to attend the wedding of one of his friends. Who is none other than Ebru’s fiancé. So Serdar is going to attend Ozgur’s sister’s wedding.

Ozgur, Ezgi, Denis, Cansu, Bullent and Ozan try to find a way to prevent Serdar from attending the wedding so that he doesn’t see Ozgur and Ezgi together.
Ringing the bell, Ezgi’s ex-boyfriend goes to the restaurant to talk to Gizem, the restaurant’s account manager, who is one of his friends. He is going to tell her that he has separated from Seda, his fiancée, because they have lost their baby. He tells her that they got engaged only because she was pregnant.

Sonner tells her that before Seda he was in a relationship with a woman for 3 years. He admits that if he could he would resume his relationship with her, but this girl is now in a relationship with Ozgur. This is how Gizem understands that he is talking about Ezgi!
She tells Sonner that Ezgi and Ozgur are pretending to be a couple on the occasion of Ozgur’s sister’s wedding.

Serdar arrives at the wedding accompanied by a beautiful young woman. It is Yesim.
Yesim and Ozgur know each other. It’s the journalist who wrote an article about him titled “Bay Yanlis”.

Seeing Ozgur and Ezgi dancing together, Serdar thinks they’re together. Bullent steps in and tells Serdar that there’s absolutely nothing going on between them.

Bullent will make up a story. He’s going to tell Serdar that Ozgur is in love with Yesim.
Bullent is going to explain to Serdar that Ozgur and Yesim had a relationship, but because of a problem between them Yesim wrote an article in which she denigrated Ozgur “Bay Yanlis” and that Ozgur dances with Ezgi just to make Yesim jealous.

Bullent convinces Serdar that nothing is going on between Ozgur and Ezgi.

Seeing that the couple get along well, Ezgi’s parents and Ozgur’s mother want to make things official. They want the couple to get engaged.

When they hear this, Ozgur and Ezgi try to find a solution. Bullent suggests that they are unbearable with each other in front of their parents. They have to make their parents not want to marry them anymore.

Indeed, Bullent’s plan is working. Ozgur is going to be very jealous, forbidding Ezgi to wear a swimsuit. Ezgi is going to do the same and be very jealous and say she doesn’t want children.

Seeing all this, the parents are in a hurry to see them separate. They don’t want Ozgur and Ezgi to get married anymore.

At the end of episode 5 of Bay Yanlis, Mr Wrong, the deal is over, Ezgi has fulfilled her part of the deal, she no longer has to pretend to be Ozgur’s girlfriend.

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