Sen çal Kapimi, episode 8 summary (love is in the air ep08)

In the previous episode of love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi), Serkan accused Eda of stealing the patent documents for the designs. Eda, touched in her pride, had finally told Serkan “You will never see me again”. In this episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi, Eda will do everything to prove her innocence and clear her name. In this episode 8, Serkan will find himself without Eda in the office and will realise how much he has got used to having her around. Finally he will realise his mistake, but out of pride he cannot tell EDA to come back. Meanwhile, Selin is very happy in this episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi.

Sen çal Kapimi 8 Eda wants to prove her innocence

At the beginning of episode 8 of love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi), Eda goes to Serkan’s house to return the engagement ring, but Serkan refuses to take it. He claims that it is because of the press that might talk about their separation and that this is not the right time.

Aydan Hanim tries to talk to Serkan and tells him that she does not approve of his behaviour with Eda. She tells him that in his opinion he reacted this way because there is a connection between him and Eda and he can’t stand it!

In this episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi, while Serkan and Eda are angry and Serkan has accused Eda of stealing the designs, Eda is still forced to continue her work. Serkan reminds her that she has to provide him with the plans of the golf course. Decided not to see Serkan again, Eda makes sure to finish the work quickly and that evening, she goes to Serkan’s house to give him the designs. When she arrived to Serkan’s house, she saw him talking to Selin. At the same time Ferit, who had been following Selin without her knowing, arrives. Ferit and Eda secretly listen to the discussion between Serkan and Selin.

Selin will tell Serkan that his marriage with Ferit is a marriage of reason and Serkan will in turn say that his relationship with Selin would be the most reasonable. When Selin asks him what the relationship of the heart (love) would be for him, he changes the subject.

Ceren has been charged by Serkan to sue the journalists who broadcast the false pre-contract. She meets the journalist who is about to reveal her source, but at that moment Selin arrives and prevents the journalist from speaking. She promises her money if she doesn’t reveal the source to Ceren. The reporter agrees and tells Ceren that she found the document while digging through the garbage. Ceren does not believe this.

Melo confesses her relationship with Kaan in this episode 8

Ayfer makes Melo talk and tries to find out what she is hiding. Melo will confess to her that she has a relationship with Kaan Karadag. So Ayfer asks her to invite him for dinner at their house. Fifi and Erdam are going to attend this dinner. At the end of the dinner, Ayfer will ask Melo to break up with this man. Melo does not understand why although the dinner went well and Kaan is a very romantic and gentlemanly man. Ayfer will explain to Melo that she has a hunch and that she is convinced that Kaan’s behaviour is wrong!

Eda and her friends looking for the culprit, love is in tSck ep 8

After hearing their confessions, Ferit and Eda go to talk and Eda asks Ferit if it was Selin who gave the contract to the journalists. Ferit finally confesses to Eda that it was he who passed it on to Kaan. In this episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi, Eda will learn that it was Kaan who gave the contract to the journalists.

love is in the air ceren eda and melo episode 8

The next day, Eda will tell her friends about Kaan and Melek will suddenly understand that Kaan is not with her out of love, but that he is using her to get information about Serkan and Eda. Melek will confess to Eda that she is in a relationship with Kaan and Fifi will understand that he is the one who stole the chandelier designs. The girls are determined to prove Eda’s innocence and take revenge for Melo!

At the end of episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi, Melek and Fifi go to Kaan’s office. Fifi is going to make sure he falls asleep using ether. When Kaan loses consciousness, Fifi takes his phone and sends the photos Kaan had taken of the stolen design to herself. Melek and Fifi will then send all the documents to Eda so that she can prove her innocence to Serkan.

Episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi, Eda proves her innocence to Serkan

At the very end of episode 8 of love is in the air, Sen çal Kapimi, Eda goes to the Art life office to give the evidence to Serkan. When Eda hands the documents to Serkan, he refuses to see them. He tells Eda that he believes her. But Eda will tell him it’s too late! He should have believed her from the beginning!

Serkan explains to Eda in the end of episode 8 that he has a problem of trust and that he doesn’t know how to trust people.

In Sen çal Kapimi, at the very end of episode 8 Eda explains to Serkan that it was Kaan who stole the designs. He tricked Melek into thinking he was his friend. He went into the house and photographed the designs. Then Eda gives him back the engagement ring and leaves the office.

Watch Episode 8 of love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi)

To watch episode 8 of Sen çal Kapimi subtitled in English, it’s very easy. You just have to go on the youtube site, in the official Turkish channel of (love is in the air) Sen çal Kapimi.

To see episode 8 subtitled in English you have to activate the Turkish subtitles on the video then click on the small cogwheel and click on automatic translation and then choose the language ” English “.

Here is the direct link to the video of sen çal Kapimi’s episode 8

episode 8 of love is in the air on youtube

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