Çukur, episode 45 (12 season 2) full summary

At the end of episode 11 of the Çukur series, Vartolu had set an ultimatum to the Karakozolar. He will continue his mission only if they allow him to see Saadet. He doesn’t know that Saadet gave birth and will discover it at the beginning of episode 12 of Çukur.

Çukur episode 45, Vartolu discovers that he have a son.

Chetto and Maasoun organize a meeting between Saadet and Vartolu. Saadet appears holding the newborn in his arms. They had a son !

çukur 45 saadet and the son of vartolu

The meeting is short and the “black lambs”
take back Saadet and the baby.

Vartolu, crazy with joy for the birth of his son, distributes Loukoum to passers-by in the street.
Gumali and Yamaç suspects that Vartolu is hiding something

Maasoun kills his brothers in çukur

In parallel, the Karakozolar, who had followed Gelasun, warned the others that they had found the hiding place of Yamaç and Gumali. Maasoun joined them to put an end to the Koçovali brothers’ last days.

They break into the apartment and shoot at the beds and couches.

Maasoun turns on the light and realizes that he has shot his brothers, “black lambs”. They are gagged and have their hands tied. They were arranged in this way so that Maasoun would fall into the trap.

In fact, Gelasun, who was supposed to take them to Yamaç and Gumali, had warned them.

yamaç, gumali and aliço in episode 45

Having been warned, Yamaç and Gumali put in place a plan to take over the situation. Yamaç attracts behind him some of the “black lambs” who will follow him. Kemal and Mettin will help him to beat them, they will then transport them to the apartment where Gumali will take care of the staging that will lead to Maasoun being trapped and finally shooting his brothers in arms.
Maasoun takes Gelasun with him and kicks his ass.

They made sure that we killed our brothers

I shot my brothers Chetto !
I shot my brothers with my own hands, Chetto !

Maasoun, who is furious, promises to take revenge, starting with Gelasun, who justifies himself by saying that he has done nothing and that he does not know what happened.

You asked me to take you to them, and I did it !

Gelasun is blindfolded and tortured by Maasoun. Vartolu, who comes to see Chetto, is surprised to see what is happening and tries to save Gelasun by telling Chetto that Gelasun has nothing to do with what happened and that Gumali had placed guards on the roof to patrol the street where they are living.
They’ll end up sparing Gelasun and throwing him in front of his house.

What Arsoy will discover at the çukur hospital

Arsoy, who is about to leave his hospital bed, meets the doctor who took care of him. During his discussion with the doctor, Arsoy will notice something that seems strange to him.

With you (meaning, your brothers) it doesn’t end with death, the one of you who arrives at the morgue, arrives light.

But their discussion was interrupted by the ” black lambs ” who came to pick up Arsoy. He will finally go back to see him and ask him for an explanation. The doctor told him there was nothing more to say and gave him an appointment at the morgue where he could see with his own eyes.

Arsoy will later go to the hospital morgue and find that the organs of the “black lambs” are removed before they arrive at the hospital.

Yamaç and Gumali on the traces of Vartolu

Yamaç continues to follow the trail of the new chemist with Vartolu who is still trying to cover his tracks so that Yamaç does not understand that it’ s him.

Finally, Gumali finds the trace of the raw material supplier and goes there with Yamaç. When they arrive at his place, they find him dead. He was shot in the head.

Medet took care of killing him so that the Koçovali brothers would not discover that Salih was making drugs for the “black lambs”.

Selim, çukur

Selim, for his part, takes the initiative to track down the young woman who was kidnapped in order to work by force in a nightclub. He finds her and takes her to Idriss’ house.

Gumali saved by Meke

Maasoun ordered the inhabitants of Çukur to give them their male children in exchange for their brothers killed by the Koçovali.

Yamaç and Gumali enter Çukur to try to save the children. Chetto having anticipated Gumali’s arrival, they are being pursued.

Gumali, finds himself in a bad position and is saved in extremis by Meke, who takes him to Yildiz’s house. When Gumali asked him the next day, why he had taken him to Yildiz’s house, Meke, explained that he knew their story. His father, Mahyeddine, had told him their story, as Gumali told him and took advice from him.

On the other hand, Chetto kidnapped a dozen of children from Cukur.

Yamaç gives Aliço the task of surveying the laboratory in order to discover the identity of the chemist. But Gumali convinced Aliço to tell him the place.

He goes there with Gelasun and asks his team to come and attack the “black lambs” who are guarding the laboratory.

Vartolu is in the laboratory when Gumali and his team attack. While he was trying to escape from the back, he came face to face with Gelasun.

As for Yamaç, he has an appointment with Arsoy when he receives a call from Aliço warning him that Gumali is about to lead an attack. Arsoy arrives and promises Yamaç to give him the opportunity to get rid of Maasoun and Chetto.

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