Çukur, full summary of episode 38 (5 season 2)

Episode 38 (episode 5, season 2) of the series Çukur was broadcast on the 15 October on the channel, Show TV

Here is the complete summary of episode 5, season 2 (38)

After failing in their plan against the black lambs in episode 37 (season 2 of Çukur), Gumali suspected Vartolu and Medet of being traitors, they ended up fighting each other.

Yamaç, who reflects on the situation, deduced that there had been no information leakage, but that their failure was the result of poor reflection. The “black lambs” took their precaution, which is why they changed the location of the exchange.

Indeed, that is what happened. Masoun changed the location of the exchange with the Afghans.

Aksin sets fire to the house without realizing it. Méké who was passing by protected her

The house catches fire, and Gelasun thinks her mother and Aksin are inside. Meke, reassure him.

Massoud is exchanging with the Afghans. He gives the 5 million in exchange for the raw material needed to manufacture the drug

A man comes to meet Massoud and Chetto

He presents himself as Rechid Fadlou Allah, a leader of the Achirah, (“tribe”) whose merchandise the “black lambs” have purchased belongs to.

He accuses them of taking the goods without paying for them.

The one Massoud met and with whom he made the exchange is his nephew, who has also disappeared.

Chetto summoned Gelasun, and asked him to kill Gumali and Yamaç. He gives him a gun, and in exchange offers to give him Idriss Koçovali’s coffee

çukur episode 5 season 2, who is Rechid Fadlo Allah?

Rechid Fadlo Allah, the Afghan, comes to meet Gumali, Yamaç and Vartolu.

He tells them that they killed his men and that among them was his nephew

He asks them for his money. He suspects them of taking it.

Vartolu, who understood who this Afghan was, tried to calm the situation and promised to collect the money.

After the Afghan’s departure, he explains to Yamaç, Gumali and the others, who is Rechid Fadlo Allah.

He’s a man who can take down a MIG

He has weapons you’ve never seen in your life.

He is the head of a tribe of fifty thousand people

çukur episode 38, Gumali and Yildiz have known each other for a long time

Gumali, ask Kemal to take yildiz, and to take her out of Çukur, so that he can meet her

It is understandable that Gumali and yildiz, have a past together, in Çukur, but that Sultana, Gumali’s mother, was against it.

Gelasun, steals a car with his friends to try to collect money, enough to rent a house. Since the fire started by Aksin, they have been living with Aicha and Karaga

Aliço visits Idriss Koçovali. When he tells him, that he has visited Meliha, sultan who has been living in a kind of catatonia since the massacre at the end of season 1 in Çukur, reacts by dropping a glass.

At the end of episode 38 of çukur, Gumali is kidnapped!

Gumali is being caught by Fadlo Allah’s men.

Finally, Chetto was also kidnapped

çukur episode 5 season 2 chetto kidnapped Yamaç and Vartolu go to Rachid Fadlo Allah’s house to try to free their brother.

He agrees to release Gumali if they kill another Afghan. Kedir Sayf el Din. Who was previously head of the tribe.

The same proposal is made to Massoud and the “black lambs” in exchange for Chetto’s life

He was also kidnapped while visiting one of his contacts on a yacht

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