Çukur, episode 10 season 2 (ep 43 ) full summary

In the previous episode of çukur (episode 42 / 09 season 2) Vartolu, learned that Saadet was still alive and that she was in the hands of the “black lambs”.

Episode 43 (10 season 2) of the Turkish series çukur was broadcast on November 19 last on the Show Tv channel here is the complete summary of this new episode of çukur.

The complete summary of episode 10, season 2 (43) of çukur

Maasoun and Chetto ordered Vartolu to set up a laboratory and manufacture a certain amount of drugs in exchange for his pregnant wife’s life.

çukur episode 43 vartolu

In this episode (episode 10 season 2 of Çukur),we see the return of Vartolu as we knew him during season 1 of Çukur. Destroyed since Saadet’s disappearance, he is back in service again.

Vartolu is back in business

Vartolu will meet with former contacts in order to obtain on credit the ingredients needed to produce the drug.

Chetto gave Gelasun the keys of one of Çukur’s houses and told him to move in with his mother and wife Aksin.

çukur 43 Gumali and Yamaç

Thanks to information provided by Arsoy, Yamaşç and Gumali with the help of Gelasun, Mettin and Kemal were able to take the black lambs by the side and recover a certain amount of gold coins that were hidden in plastic dummies.

A traitor among the “black lambs”

Maasoun and Chetto then understand that there is a traitor in their ranks and set up a false operation to find out who the traitor is.

çukur 43 Gelasun

Aksin attempted suicide by cutting her wrists(while she was in the attic trying to arrange it to accommodate her brother.Gelasun’s mother told her that everyone is dead, her brother, her mother…..Gelasun’s brothers… Gelasun’s mother blames Aksin who can’t stand what she just heard and cuts her wrists).

Gelasun found her when he came home in the evening and transported her to the hospital. He informs Karaja of what happened.

çukur episode 43 Saadet find Vartolu's message

Salih is putting in place a plan to contact Saadet. While visiting Chetto and Maasoun to talk about drugs, Medet, who is outside the house, shoots shots to create a diversion. Vartolu takes the opportunity to hide a message for Saadet (he hides a message in a pan in the kitchen).

Karaja contacts Sena, and then informs her of Aksin’s problem. She decides to take control and takes Aksin home against Gelasun’s advice, who does not want to be separated from her. Sena explains to Gelasun that Aksin needs special attention and psychological care. He finally lets them go.

Saadet is implementing the plan that Vartolu told her in the message. She’s pretending to have contractions. She was therefore transported to the hospital and Medet, who was watching the entrance door of the hospital H24, informed Vartolu that Saadet was in the hospital.

Vartolu enters the room where Saadet is supposedto be, but to his astonishment he finds Chetto waiting for him.

In fact, they had seen Vartolu while he was hiding his message for Saadet !

Idriss, has dinner with Meliha in a restaurant when an argument breaks out. A customer is aggressive towards a server and denigrates it. Idriss turns his head and acts as if he sees nothing and is not concerned.

Angry, Meliha told him that he was not Idriss !
Idriss Koçovali, the man she knew …

Meliha gets up from the table, takes a bottle and breaks it on the customer’s head and then leaves the restaurant.

Arsoy, chetto and Maasoun in çukur

In parallel, another operation is being prepared by the “black lambs”, another transfer of gold coins to be carried out by the black lambs.

But Yamaç and Gumali are there (warned by Arsoy) they attack and grab the gold coins.

As he tried to escape, Arsoy was pursued by Yamaçş who shot him and injured him.

arsoy and yamaç in episode 43 of çukur

At the end of episode 10 of Çukur, we learn that yamaç shot Alsoy so that he would not be suspected by Chetto and Maasoun of being the indicator for Yamaç

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