çukur season 2 episode 18 (ep 51), full summary

In this episode 18 of season 2 of Çukur, many answers to questions will be given. And confrontations will take place. In this episode of the serie, Sultane and Meliha will finally discuss, Salih and Gumali will have a terrible confrontation with their father in front of their brother Kahraman’s grave, and above all, we will discover the identity of the traitor who shot Yamaç!

In this episode 18, while the situation is tense in Çukur, and the Koçovali brothers, Salih and Gumali are ready to confront each other, a shot is fired in the air.

Everyone turns around
Yamaç, Selim and Aliço are here!

Yamaç, barely able to stand upright, has left his hospital bed in order to put an end to this clan war in Çukur. Aliço had kept him informed of what was happening in Çukur.

Yamaç confronted Meke and Ferhat and made them realize that they did not need outside enemies as long as they did not trust each other.

Both of them explain that they are not guilty of the events that took place. So they realize that this is an outside plan to create trouble in Çukur.

Yamaç, out of breath, and no longer able to stand upright, ends up collapsing. He is taken to the hospital where his situation is again critical.

Having learned what had happened, Idriss called his sons Salih and Gumali to the cemetery, in front of Kahraman’s tomb.

He told them to continue their fight where they had stopped it the last time. They refuse. Gumali says to his father:

“I will not leave my brother Kahraman’s blood on the ground! »

Idriss slapped him and said:

“Your brother is also my son! He’s above all my son… And Salih is my son, like you, Kahraman, Selim or Yamaç.”

Idriss asks Salih: “If the day you gave the order to kill Kahraman you knew what you know today, would you have done it? »

Salih answers: Never!

Idriss: If you had known I didn’t know you existed, would you have done it?

Salih: I would never have done it, dad.

Idriss: And if you didn’t know anything, would you have done it?

Salih: Yes! At that time, that’s what had to be done, I was ordered to do it, I did it.

Idris speaking to Gumali:

do you think your pain is the strongest ? Mine… only Adam (peace and salvation be upon him) lived it, when Abel and Cain killed each other.
me too, my son killed my son.

He tells his sons that the matter is closed until his death. After he dies, they can kill each other if they want to. But until then, he forbids them to bring it up again.

Sena tells Yamaç that she became pregnant, but that she had to have an abortion because of the medicines she was taking at the time. (at the end of season 1 of Çukur)

Sultane decides that it is time to return to Çukur and to their house which had been occupied by the Karakuzu.
As they pass through Çukur, all the residents welcome her with joy and women from Çukur decided to go to the Koçovali’s house to help clean up.

Selim is still trying to find out who the traitor is. He’s watching Metin and Kemal.

Yamaç comes out of the hospital and joins the family home in Çukur, which has been restored to its pre-Karakuzu state.

In this episode 18, season 2 of Çukur (episode 51), we finally witness the confrontation between Sultane and Meliha.

Meliha goes to visit Mujahid, but Sultane sees her passing by in a taxi and goes to Mujahid’s house as well.

Meliha tries to find out who had saved her and asks Sultane the question. Sultane agrees to answer on condition that Meliha does not come to Çukur any more and does not go around Sultan’s house any more.

In reality, the evening when Idriss shot Meliha, he was accompanied by Pasa. Thinking he had killed her, he went out and left his gun to Pasa. When Pasa went in to get rid of the body, he realized that Meliha wasn’t dead, so he took her to the hospital.

Meliha was in a coma and needed to undergo a number of operations. Pasa informed Sultane of the situation and asked him whether Meliha should live or die. Sultane told Meliha that she could not take herself for God and choose. Only God could decide. So she stole, for the first and only time, money from Idriss to finance Meliha’s care.

After this exchange between the two women, Meliha kissed Sultana’s hand and said:

“You are Sultane, the mother of Çukur, so you are my mother and she promises not to pass in front of sultane’s house anymore.
“but, don’t expect more from me.”

The Karakuzu continue to attack a list of places (drug dealers, arms dealers, and poker clubs) under the orders of their “friend” whose identity is not yet known.

Sena tells Yamaç that she will go to her apartment to get some things. She sends a message to Mahsoun (who is pretending to be her neighbour) asking him to come over to her apartment to see her, as she wants to talk to him.

Who is the traitor in the Koçovali clan (season 2, ep 18, episode 51)

Selim went to Metin’s house with a gun, but Metin had just left…

Metin actually went to the Kozovali’s. He enters Idriss’ office, where Yamaç is, with a gun in his hand. Seeing him like this, Yamaç remembers that it was Metin who shot him in the forest.

Metin says to Yamaç, forgive me, I know it’s unforgivable, but forgive me and he points his gun to his head.

As he makes his chahada (profession of faith) and is about to shoot himself in the head, Selim runs from behind and stops him.

Yamaç asks Metin : why !

Why ! If you regret it so much that you’re about to shoot yourself in the head, why ?

In reality, Mahsoun and Chetto had used two of Çukur’s children (two of the children who had been kidnapped) by the Karakuzu some time earlier, and who had then been released after being indoctrinated. They used these two children in order to lure Metin’s son into a trap.

Mahsoun and Chetto had kidnapped Metin’s son and asked him to kill Yamaç in exchange for his son’s freedom. Mahsoun then used Arsoy’s telephone to send a message to Yamaç and attract him into the forest.

 After Metin’s departure, Yamaç gathered his brothers to analyse the situation. Salih informed them that Chetto was in Çukur and that he had come to kill the Bulgarians. He was wounded and treated in Çukur.

As for Sena, she found herself facing Mahsoun and pointed a weapon at him, a weapon she had stolen from Selim.

At the same time, Idriss is summoned by another clan chief. When he enters the restaurant, other people are waiting for him, a meeting of mafia leaders. But around the same table sits Chetto


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