Sen çal Kapimi (you knock on my door) everything about this serie

The Turkish series you knock on my door (also called Sen çal Kapimi / love is in the air) is the most awaited romantic comedy of summer 2020. The return of the Turkish actress Hande Erçel in a romantic comedy has been awaited by her fans since the series Ask laftan anlamaz in 2016. As for the Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin, we were excited to see them back in a series.

The various fragments (trailers) of the turkish serie broadcast highlighted the alchemy of the couple played by Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin.

The Turkish series You knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi) will be distributed internationally under the title “love is in the air”. Distributed by Madd Entertainement, the series is already an international success, with fans in different countries even before the series airs. The broadcasting of you knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi), moreover, is going to start in Spain.

Sen çal Kapimi (Love is in the air/You Knock on My Door), produced by MF Yapim, has been broadcast by Fox TV since 8 July 2020.

hande ercel and kerem bursin in sen cal kapimi

The series Sen çal Kapimi (you knock on my door / love is in the air), has a perfect aesthetic that leaves no detail out. A handsome and rich man, a beautiful and romantic young woman, a group of close friends, nothing is left to chance in the turkish series you knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi. Everything is perfect in this series… even the choice of clothes Eda wears in each scene.

A series of clichés? An umpteenth romantic comedy with a script that has already been seen and reviewed ? Yes, certainly. But isn’t that what we expect from this kind of romantic comedy? And we can say that Sen çal Kapimi, you knock on my door (love is in the air) excels in the genre.

A light series, a good entertainment to see. Fans of SCK (Sen çal Kapimi) and the duo EdaSer (Eda and Serkan) watch the audiences every week with their fingers crossed. Audiences are merciless in Turkey and TV channels do not hesitate to cancel series if audiences are not performing well. This summer, the series you knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi / love is in the air) has no real competitor. But in the new season (september), the well-established series will restart and a certain number of new series are expected, so the competition will be tougher for Sen çal Kapimi.
No need for wikipedia, here is the whole story and the cast of the Turkish series Sen çal Kapimi / you knock on my door :


The story, synopsis of You knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi)

Here is the story (wiki) of the turkish serie you knock on my door (sen çal kapimi) : Eda and Serkan who can’t bear each other will pretend to be a couple. These two people, who are totally opposed to each other, will pretend to be in love with each other and will make those around them believe in their love. The agreement reached by Serkan and Eda in Sen çal Kapimi is that they will have to pretend to be in love until Selin (Serkan’s ex-girlfriend) gets married.

Serkan’s goal is to make his ex-girlfriend Selin jealous and make her break up with her boyfriend. As for Eda, at the end of the agreement she will get her scholarship back and will be able to continue her studies.

But things are not going to go as they had planned. Eda and Serkan will get closer and without realising it, Serkan will change when he gets closer to her.

The story of Sen çal Kapimi ,you knock on my door :

The Turkish series you knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi, tells the story of Eda and Serkan. Eda Yildiz is a beautiful young woman who works as a florist at her aunt’s shop. Eda had a brilliant education, but when she was supposed to spend her last year of university in Italy, the scholarship that financed her studies was withdrawn for no apparent reason. As a result, Eda found herself without a degree and was unable to complete her university degree.

hande ercel as eda in sen cal kapimi

While she was dreaming of being a landscaper, she found herself working as a florist in her aunt’s shop.

For Eda, the person responsible for her misfortunes is Serkan Bolat, a famous architect whose company finances international scholarships every year. It was Serkan’s company that financed Eda’s scholarship and thus put an end to the young woman’s dreams.

Serkan was in a relationship with Selin, his partner in the family business. Selin and Serkan had recently separated and she quickly became involved in a romantic relationship with another man she planned to marry.

In the first episode of the series Sen çal Kapimi, Eda will meet Serkan whom she hates. She will blame him for ruining her future. She will try to damage his car, then by a combination of circumstances, they will find themselves handcuffed to each other.

Serkan will again cross Eda’s road as he was on his way to Selin’s engagement ceremony. Against all odds, Serkan will tell Selin, that he, also, met a woman and they got engaged. Serkan will introduce Eda as his fiancée in the first episode of Sen çal Kapimi.

The news is spreading and the media are quickly disseminating the information that Serkan Bolat is engaged. Serkan will therefore find himself obliged to propose to Eda to lie to everyone and pretend to be a couple.
Eda will at first refuse Serkan’s proposal, but at the end of the first episode of Sen çal Kapimi, she will finally accept.

The characters of Sen çal Kapimi

The series Sen çal Kapimi has many characters revolving around the main duo of the series. The main characters are Eda and Serkan. They are surrounded by each other’s friends and families.

The main characters of Sen çal kapimi (you knock on my door)


Serkan Bolat the hero of you knock on my door

Serkan is a renowned architect, having won several awards in his field. His family also owns a large company.

In the serie you knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi, Serkan is a hard worker who runs after success. He loves excellence and everything in his life is always planned and thought out. He refuses to lose even in his love life.

Eda gives him the nickname “robot” because she sees him as a man who has no feelings.

eda in sen cal kapimi

Eda Yildiz, the heroine of you knock on my door, Sen çal Kapimi

On the other hand, Eda is thoughtless. In Sen çal Kapimi, Eda is a beautiful, intelligent and talented young woman. Unlike Serkan, she lets herself be carried away by her feelings. A sensitive and generous young woman, she has a passion for flowers. Eda has a special sensitivity that influences those around her. She brings joy and good humour to those around her and sees life differently from Serkan.

The group of BFF (best friends) in Sen çal Kapimi

melek ceren eda and fifi in sen cal kapimi
Melo, Ceren, Figen and Eda. the best friends

The 4 friends form an inseparable group.

melek melo in sen cal kapimi

Melek, also called Melo by her friends, is the best friend of EDA, her childhood friend. Melo is a beautiful young woman with curves, but who accepts her body and likes to dress well.

In you knnock on my door, Melek is an eternal romantic who dreams of finding her prince charming. She immediately believes in the budding love story between Serkan and Eda. She works as a part-time cashier and hostess.

ceren in the serie sen cal kapimi by melisa dongel

Ceren is Eda’s university friend. Beautiful, bright and intelligent young woman, Ceren is a lawyer, like all her family members – her parents, grandparents, brother and her entire family work in the legal field.

So Ceren had no choice and followed the family tradition, but in reality she would have liked to work in the fashion industry. Ceren is passionate about fashion and dreams of becoming a shoe designer.

makbule sitare akbas play figen in sen cal kapimi

figen, also called Fifi is Eda’s third friend. Coming from a rich family, Fifi never talks about it. A mysterious young woman, no one knows what she does with her days. She always dresses in black and doesn’t believe in love. Fifi is a resourceful young woman.

other characters of you knock on my door (love is in the air)

Aydan Bolat is Serkan’s mother. She is a difficult woman who wants to see her son marry a woman of the same social level as theirs. For Aydan, Selin would be the perfect wife for her son. Serkan’s mother suffers from Agoraphobia. It is impossible for her to leave the house, but fortunately her assistant Seyfi keeps her informed of everything that is happening outside.

aydan and seyfi in sen cal kapimi
Aydan and Seyfi

Seyfi is the assistant of Aydan, Serkan’s mother. He is also her confidant and makes sure that Aydan Hanim, who suffers from agoraphobia, doesn’t get bored at home. Intelligent and endowed with a subtle sense of humour, Seyfi will develop a great affection for EDA.

Sen-Cal-Kapimi selin love is in the air

Selin is Serkan’s childhood friend. Her father and Serkan’s father are partners in the family business. In Sen çal Kapimi, Selin represents the perfect woman. Beautiful, intelligent and gifted in business. She manages the PR (public relations) for the company.
She is also Serkan’s ex-girlfriend whom he will try to get back.


Ayfer is Eda’s aunt. Her mother’s sister. When Eda’s parents died, she ran Eda’s mother’s florist shop. She takes care of Eda.

Alptekin bolat

Alptekin Bolat is Serkan’s father. Serkan’s relationship with his father is tense and limited, they don’t talk much.
Coming from a middle class background, Alplekin has managed to succeed on his own. He founded his company and developed it.

Piril and Engin

Engin is Serkan’s closest friend, but also a partner in the architect’s office. Unlike Serkan, Engin reacts with his emotions, which causes him problems in his relations with women.

Piril works for Serkan as an interior designer. Like Serkan she is obsessed with work and does not appreciate EDA’s entry into Serkan’s life, as she distracts him from work.

Ferit is Selin’s fiancé. Coming from a rich family, he is the heir of a hotel chain that he manages.

Qui sont les acteurs de Sen çal Kapimi (love is in the air)

The actors of you knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi)

Here are the names and all the information about the actors and the cast of the turkish serie you knock on my door, also called Sen çal Kapimi (love is in the air). These are the actors of the series as well as the details of the characters they play in you knock on my door.

The two main actors of you knock on my door (love is in the air)

Kerem Bürsin, joue le rôle de Serkan Bolat

kerem bursin as serkan bolat in the serie love is in the air sen cal kapimi

In Sen çal Kapimi (you knock on my door), the actor Kerem Bürsin plays the role of Serkan. With this romantic comedy, Kerem marks his comeback in TV series. A much-awaited comeback by the actor’s fans. Unfortunately, the previous series of the Turkish actor Kerem Bûrsin, Muhtesem Ikili, in 2018 with co-star Ibrahim Celikkol, lasted only 12 episodes on screen and had been stopped by the channel due to insufficient audience.

The actor Kerem Bürsin, who plays the role of Serkan in you knock on my door is a Turkish actor born on 4 June 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. Kerem has spent many years abroad, including several years in the United States. Kerem Bürsin gained popularity in Turkey with the series Seref Meselesi (A Matter of Honour) in 2014-2015, Kerem Bürsin also played the lead role in the series Bu sehir Arkandan Gelecek (In the Heart of the City) in 2017. The Turkish actor from you knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi) also played in the series “The Vampire of Istanbul” available on Netflix and shared the poster with the famous Turkish actress Elçin Sangu. Parallel to Sen çal Kapimi, the actor is currently playing in a web mini-series “Aynen Aynen”.

hande ercel in sen cal kapimi eda yildiz

Hande Erçel plays Eda Yildiz in Sen çal Kapimi

Hande Erçel is a young Turkish actress born on November 24, 1993, in Bandirma, Turkey.
Thanks to the series you knock on my door, Hande Erçel is back to romantic comedies, a genre in which she excels. The last turkish romantic comedy in which she played dates from 2016. Ask Laftan anlamaz, which was a great success both locally and in international sales. Hande Erçel shared the poster for the series Ask Laftan Anlamaz with the actor Burak Deniz. The series had then allowed Hande Erçel to gain great popularity in the countries where the series was broadcast. Moreover, Hande Erçel thanks to the Turkish series Ask laftan anlamaz and you knock on my door, is now the Turkish actress with the largest number of subscribers on Instagram.

After the romantic comedy Ask Laftan Anlamaz, Hande Erçel tried different genres, with in 2017, the series Siyah Inci (the black pearl), a dramatic series that lasted only 20 episodes, then a very good action series in 2019, Halka (whose second season will soon be broadcast on an online platform), Hande Erçel was in 2019 in another dramatic series: Azize. But this series was not as successful as expected and lasted only 6 episodes. The Turkish series you knock on my door : Sen çal Kapimi marks Hande Erçel’s return to romantic comedies.

The rest of the cast of you knock on my door

Eda’s best friends. The actresses who play the roles of Melek, Ceren and Fifi are in the order Elçin Afacan, Melisa Döngel and Sitare Akbas.

The actress Elçin AFACAN plays the role of Melek in you knock on my door. Elçin Afacan is a young actress born in 1991. She first appeared on television in the successful series Içerde. The young actress made her name in 2019 in the series Bire aile Hikayesi, the adaptation of the American series This is us.


The actress Melisa Döngel plays the role of Ceren in love is in the air (Sen çal Kapimi). Melisa is an actress and model born in 1999. She became famous with her role in the series Bizim Hikayesi in 2017-2018 (Deniz) and the series Elif in 2014. Melisa Döngel has also participated in the series Arak Sokaklar in 2016 where she played the role of Nile..

melisa dongel lay the role of ceren in sen cal kapimi

Sitare Akbaş gives life to the character of Fifi in Sen çal Kapimi. Sitare is born in 1988 in Istanbul and has participated in many series such as Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? in 2011, the series Dila Hanim in 2013 and the daily series Emanet in 2014.

sitare akbas paly the role of fifi in sen cal kapimi

Neslihan Yeldan plays the role of Aydan Hanim, Serkan’s mother in Sen çal Kapimi. Neslihan Yeldan is a Turkish actress born in 1969 who has acted in numerous film and TV series. In recent years she has acted in the series Kuzey Guney (Enemy Brothers) in 2012 and Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry Time) in 2014. In 2018 she plays in the series Bizim Hikayesi and in 2017 she plays Sanem in the series Istanbullu Gelin.. 

ayden bolat in sen cal kapimi neslihan yeldan

Bige Önal plays the role of Selin. She recently appeared in the last two seasons of the original series Netflix the protector

the actress Bige Önal, plays the role of Selin. The Turkish actress was born on February 1, 1990 in Istanbul and is part of the cast of two Turkish Netflix series. Bige Önal first played in seasons 3 and 4 of the first original Turkish Netflix series, The protector: Hakan. More recently, she played the role of Hayrünnisa in the Netflix series Bir Baskadir Ethos.

bige onal as selin in sen cal kapimi

How many episodes does the series You knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi have ?

If you are wondering about the total episodes of you knock on my door (Sen çal Kapimi) the series here is the answer :
The series You knock on my door: Sen çal Kapimi, is still being filmed and at the moment more than 30 episodes of Sen çal Kapimi have been broadcast on Turkish television. But filming continues and it is still season 1 of You knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi.

So the total episodes of You knock on my door is for the moment 32, but the turkish series continue to be filmed and the season 1 of sen çal Kapimi is not finished yet.

It is important to know that Turkish series are filmed progressively and not in advance as is the case with American series for example.
Every week, a new episode of Sen çal Kapimi is filmed and broadcast on television 1 to 2 weeks later. This is what allows Turkish series to stick to the news and the period in which they are broadcast.

Each episode of Sen çal Kapimi lasts more than 2 hours (2h15). But some countries when Turkish series episodes are broadcast cut the episodes differently.
Example 1 bolum (episode) of you knock on my door (sen çal Kapimi) of 2h15 becomes 3 episodes of 45min on channels in other countries.

You knock on my door is still in season 1 at the moment with 31 episodes, but filming continues and more episodes are coming. For season 2 of Sen çal Kapimi, You knock on my door, the shooting has not started yet. And We don’t know yet if there will be a season 2 of Sen çal Kapimi (You knock on my door/Love is in the air)

When will the series Sen çal Kapimi end (update)

After an initial announcement that there would be no second season for the series Sen çal Kapimi, the information has finally been contradicted.
Good news, there will be a second season for Sen çal kapimi and it will be broadcast this summer!
The Turkish website TV100 had announced that the series Sen çal Kapimi (love is in the air) was going to end at the end of season 1 and that there would be no season 2. But finally the good news came, there will be a season 2 for Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel’s series, Sen çal Kapimi. More information about Sen çal Kapimi season 2, in this article.

Is the series Sen çal Kapimi/You knock on my door on Netflix ?

We would all like to see Sen çal Kapimi (you knock on my door / love is in the air) on Netflix, with the ease of access it provides, but at the time we write this article, this is not yet the case. Sen çal Kapimi (love is in the air) is not yet available on Netflix. Maybe this Turkish series will be available in the future on netflix (as others turkish serie here) but it is not yet the case. Nevertheless we can remind that the series Sen çal Kapimi you knock on my door is a great success and the distributor of the series has signed many agreements for the diffusion of the series in many countries. Hopefully this will also be the case for Netflix, which could then broadcast it.

Sen çal Kapimi (you knock on my door) in English

To the question is it possible to see the series you knock on my door/Sen çal Kapimi in English, the answer is YES! It is possible to see the series Sen çal Kapimi in VO Eng sub in streaming. There are of course websites specialised in the translation of Turkish series, but many of them are paying or full of intensive advertising.

OR there is a trick to watch you knock on my door/Sen çal Kapimi in VO Eng Sub directly streaming on Youtube and this in a legal way. Here’s how to do it:

Just go to Sen çal Kapimi’s official channel.
Then launch the episode of your choice, and activate the subtitles, which will then be in Turkish.

love is in the air episode 10 sub english

Then click on the small wheel of parameters and choose automatic translation. It is then possible to choose the English language in the list and see the episodes of you knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi with English subtitles (VO Eng Sub).

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