Where is the series Ada Masali filmed? what location ? which island?

The series Ada Masali is one of the Turkish series of the summer 2021. It has been broadcasted since 15 June 2021, on the TV channel StarTV. The story of the series Ada Masali (Be my Sunshine/Island Tale) takes place on an island (the island of swallows in the series) and features beautiful landscapes.

Haziran, a city girl, used to the hustle and bustle of the big cities, goes to the island of Ada Masali for her work. There she meets Poyraz, a man with a special character who loves the island’s tranquillity and wilderness.

poyraz and haziran in ada masali

The natural beauty of the locations where the series Ada Masali is filmed makes you want to visit them, so it is natural to ask the question while watching the series: in which city and on which island is the series Ada Masali being filmed?

What is the real name of the island where the series Ada Masali is shot?

In fact, the Ada Masali series is shot in two different locations. One part is shot on an island and another part of the series is shot in a city on the mainland.

ayça aysan turan as haziran in ada masali

On which island is the series Ada Masali filmed? Where is Ada Masali Island?

The action of the series Ada Masali is supposed to take place on an island not far from the mainland. Haziran (Ayça Aysin turan) is a young woman who works in a large company on the mainland. She is sent by her company to a nearby island in order to get a man, Poyraz (Alp Navruz), to sell his land on that island. The whole story of this series will therefore take place on this island.

But in reality, the series Ada Masali is not shot on the island. Contrary to what one might think, the small village we see in the series is not on an island either.

On the other hand, the landscapes seen in the Ada Masali trailer were indeed shot on an island. The same goes for the wide shots of the island. The island on which the launches and trailers of the series Ada Masali were shot is a Greek island in the region of Thessaly.

The first images of the Ada Masali series were shot on the island of Alonissos. This island is located in the Aegean archipelago. The island of Ada Masali is part of a group of islands called the Sporades. In Turkish, this group of islands is called Seytan Adasi (Devil’s Islands). The island of Alonissos, where part of the Ada Masali series was filmed, is therefore part of this group of islands, which includes the islands of Gioura and Pserimos.

The name of the island given in the series is an imaginary name.

In which town or village is the Ada Masali series set? Where is located Ada Masali ?

Although the story of Ada Masali is supposed to take place on the island of the swallows, the filming of the series is not done on an island.

alp navruz and ayca turan ada masali

The whole story and the landscapes in which the characters of Poyraz and Haziran evolve in the series are shot in a city on the continent.

Ada Masali is shot in a small town by the sea in the province of Izmir. The Ada Masali series is shot in Sığacık and its surroundings. A resort town located on a small peninsula.

Sigacik is a small coastal town and a marina. It is part of the district of the city of Seferihisar (Aegean region). A very beautiful tourist area. It is not far from the ancient city of Teos. You can see the ancient city in the series. It is the ruins that Poyraz shows to Haziran in the first episode of the series Ada Masali.

The small village with its square that we see in all the episodes of Ada Masali is in the town of Sığacık.

alp navruz is poyraz in the serie ada masali

The area is known for its olive groves (by the way, in the series, Poyraz is the owner of an olive grove and an artisanal olive oil production factory).

The story of Ada Masali

The story of the series Ada Masali takes place on an island, where the main characters, Haziran (Ayça Aysan Turan) and Poyraz (Alp Navruz) will cross paths.

Haziran is a city girl, who cannot imagine living anywhere else but in a big city, full of activity and in constant motion. Poyraz (played by the actor Alp Navruz) lives on the island of Ada Masali. Poyraz does not like the city and prefers the calm and serenity of the island.

In the Ada Masali series, these two characters’ lives will cross paths.

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