Kogustaki Mucize a Turkish movie with an unexpected worldwide success on Netflix

The long-awaited film Kogustaki Mucize was released by Netflix this March 2020 and has met with unexpected success with international audiences. The film, released last October in Turkey, had already been a big hit with Turkish audiences, with nearly 6 million viewers, and Netflix added it to its catalogue in mid-March.

The success of this Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize around the world does come as no surprise. The film was ranked in the top 10 most watched films on Netflix in many countries – for example, it reached second place on Netflix France!

It’s rare enough to be highlighted. Indeed, the French public is not familiar with Turkish films or series that sell more to Arab countries, or Eastern European countries that consume a lot of Turkish programmes.

What is the story of the Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize available on Netflix?

Memo (Aras Bulut Iynemli) is a young man with a mental handicap, he has a daughter, Ova, whom he loves above all else. Memo is helped on a daily basis by his mother. Their lives are turned upside down the day Memo is accused of killing the daughter of a commander in the Turkish army, he ends up in prison where he awaits his execution.

This Turkish film available on Netflix since March 2020 is an adaptation of the South Korean film Miracle in Cell No 7.

Who is the main actor (memo) of the Turkish movie Kogustaki Mucize on Netflix?

The Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize is an adaptation of a South Korean film, Miracle in the cell n°7. When it was released in Turkish cinemas in October 2019, it was a great success and joined the list of the most watched films in Turkey in 2019. The performance of our beloved actor Aras Bullut Iynemli (Memo) was highly praised.

Indeed the main actor of the Turkish movie Kogustaki Mucize who played the role of Memo, is well known to fans of Turkish series since it is the actor Aras Bulut Iynemli hero of the hit series çukur (all info on the series çukur here in this link ) which has been gathering for 3 seasons a large number of viewers every Monday at 8pm for the past 3 years. He plays the role of Yamaç, a young man who finds himself at the head of a mafia district in Istanbul.

Actors of the serie çukur

Aras Bulut Iynemli, had, before the çukur series, played in the series Içerde (inside) where his acting qualities had been particularly recognized in the dramatic scenes of the series. He played the role of a young man working for the mafia but who infiltrated the police in order to protect the mafia, but who finds himself facing another young man, this time a policeman, infiltrated into the mafia group in order to arrest them. Aras Bulut Iynemli had shared the poster with the famous actor Çağatay Ulusoy (starring in The protector, the first original Turkish Netflix series).

Cast of the serie Içerde
the serie Içerde

The cast of the Turkish movie on Netflix Kogustaki Mucize

The rest of the cast of the film Kogustaki Mucize is obviously to be saluted. All the actors who participated in the film are well known to the usual audience of Turkish series.

For example, the actors in the Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize:

Deniz Baysal
  • Actress Deniz Baysal who shared the starring role with actor Tolga Saritas during season 3 of the military series SOZ.
Deniz Baysal and Tolga Sartas in the serie SOZ

Before that, she had played in the hit series Fazilet hannim ve kizlari (Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters) broadcast from 2017 to 2018 in Turkey.

  • Actor Sarp Akkaya, who plays the role of the prison director in the Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize, also shared the poster for the military series SOZ with Deniz Baysal, season 2 and 3, from 2017 to 2019. He played the role of the “butcher” Dragan, a bloodthirsty terrorist.

The prisoners who share Mimo’s cell in the Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize are all actors known to fans of Turkish series.

  • Yıldıray Şahinler, The prisoner who plays the role of the wise, kind of imam of the cell played in the series Içerde (inside) precisely with the hero of the film Kogustaki Mucize, Aras Bulut Iynemli.
  • The prisoner Askorozlu, played by the actor İlker Aksum is among other things known for his role in the series 20 Dakika (20 minutes). He is currently playing in the RAMO series, which is very successful.
Serie RAMO

The little girl Nisa Sofiya Aksongur who plays the role of OVA Memo’s daughter is well known to Turkish series fans as she has played in several successful series. We can mention for example the daily series Adeni Sen Koy, aired from 2017 to 2018, or Aglama Anne or more recently, the series Kuzgun

The young actress Nisa Sofiya Aksongur in the series Aglama Anne (Don’t cry mommy)

Opinion on the Turkish film Kogustaki Mucize

The film Kogustaki Mucize on Netflix is set in the early 80s and tells the story of Memo, a mentally handicapped young man who is accused of murdering a little girl. The girl’s father is a commander in the Turkish army and has arranged for him to be sentenced to death. The disabled young man is therefore separated from his little daughter Ova and finds himself in prison waiting for his sentence without fully understanding what is happening to him.

Since its release on Netflix, positive comments have been pouring in on social networks for this moving film. Some call it a masterpiece.This success is unexpected and surprising since the French public and more generally the international public is not used to see Turkish films which often have a long format (it should be noted that Turkish series last for example a little more than 2 hours sometimes 2h30 per episode). Not elsewhere, many Turkish series or films remind people of their religion (religious weddings, funerals respecting Muslim rituals…), which the French public is not used to, unlike Eastern European and Balkan countries, which are the first consumers of Turkish series alongside Arab countries or, more recently, Latin American audiences who discover Turkish media productions.

Maybe this Turkish film, Kogustaki Mucize will be a gateway for the French and international public to the world of Turkish series!

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