Akin Akinozu becomes the face of a Russian streaming platform

Turkish actor Akin Akinozu has just signed a big contract. He becomes the new face of one of the most important streaming platforms in Russia.

Turkish actor Akin Akinozu has enjoyed great popularity abroad since the series Hercai, in which he co-starred with actress Ebru Sahin.

The IVI platform is one of Russia’s most important digital content platforms.

Akin Akinozu, traveled to Moscow for 48 hours to shoot the IVI digital platform commercial.

Akin Akinozu starred this year in the series Tuzak, which finished airing last week on Turkish channel TV8.
Thanks to Akin Akinozu’s presence and popularity, the TV8 series Tuzak continued for 26 episodes, despite low ratings in Turkey. The presence of the actor Akin Akinozu in the cast of the series guarantees the producers the sales of the series abroad.

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