çukur season 2 episode 15 (ep 48), full summary

Driven by the words of his daughter Karaça, Selim decides to take action. He decides to face his brother Gumali.

At the beginning of episode 15, season 2 of Çukur, Gumali welcomes Selim in her arms to bring him into the house. Once inside, he gives Selim a good thrashing. Alerted by the noises, Yamaç, who was outside the house, rushes in.

A discussion between the three brothers ensues. Gumali reminds Selim that Kahraman was their brother and that he was killed.

Gumali asks Selim why he came. Selim tells him he wants to help, but Gumali sends him away.

Yamas said to Selim, “How can I ever trust you again! »

Yamaç, Gumali and Selim
Yamaç, Gumali and Selim

As he leaves the house, Selim meets Salih who tells him that he is happy to see him back and that he is still alive.

On their side, the Karakozular receive reinforcements. Chetto announces to “his brothers” that Arsoy has been killed by the Koçovali family when in reality it was Mahsoun and Chetto who killed him when they understood that he was Yamaç’s informer.

But they make him look like a martyr in front of the Karakozular community.

Just before he died Arsoy was going to explain to Mahsoun that Chetto was selling the organs of the Karakuzu who died, but Chetto cut his throat before he finished speaking. But his words remained in Mahsoun’s head and he wondered.

Mahsoun went to the morgue to check Arsoy’s words, but Chetto, who had anticipated Mahsoun’s move, had taken precautions so that Mahsoun would not understand what was going on.

Mahsoun, pretending to be one of her neighbours, went to Sena’s house and met her at the door. As she bites into an apple, he is overcome by a panic attack. Sena comes to his aid. Mahsoun ends up telling her that he has no memory of his parents or his childhood. He tells him that he was found by another boy who became his “brother” and that without him he would have died. (He refers to Chetto, but Sena has no idea).

Gelasun comes to visit Aksin and she asks him, why he keeps coming to see her. She asks him to leave her:

“The bullet that grazed me not only disfigured my face, it also killed my brother and my mother. It’s a wound that can’t heal easily… Let me go.”

Selim returns to his mother’s house, but her mother sends him away and tells him to camp in front of his brothers’ homes, who are risking their lives. She told him to camp in front of their house as he had camped in front of his father’s house before his father brought him in.

That’s what he’s going to do.

Medet and Salih go to the depot where he prepares the drugs for Chetto and Mahsoun in exchange for the safety of his wife and son. The drugs are due to be delivered the next day, so Chetto will hold Salih and Medet in the storehouse to avoid any problems during the exchange.

Goodby to the Karakuzu (Anam babam) çukur season 2 ep 15 (48)

Chetto asks his henchman to move Saadet and hide her (to guard against any attack to save her).

The Karakozulars meet the Bulgarians to make the exchange.

The Bulgarians test the product and it corresponds to their expectations, so they give the expected amount to Chetto. As the exchange ends, the barrels containing the product explode one after the other in general stupefaction.

Chetto, in panic, tries to explain to the Bulgarians that it did not come from them.

The two gangs shoot at each other, Chetto and Mahsoun manage to escape. The Bulgarians did not stop there. At the same time, the villa occupied by the Karakuzu is under fire. They kill all the Karakuzu who were there (it is the old house of the Koçovali).

Arriving in their hideout Chetto and Mahsoun discover that it has been attacked.

 They then went to the villa which was the one occupied by Vartolu (Season 1), Chetto had sent a team there with Saadet and Salih’s son.

When they arrived there they found that the place had also been attacked and that Saadet and his son were no longer there.

In reality, the Koçovali brothers had a plan in place. When Chetto summoned Salih the day before, he had warned Yamaç before going there. He told him that the exchange was going to take place.

So Yamaç set the plan in motion. He warned Metin and Kemal.

Gelasun stays undercover outside the warehouse and is in charge of tracking the merchandise.

When Chetto had Saadet and the baby’s hideout changed, he was actually being watched by Aliço.

Metin follows the vehicle carrying the drugs and Aliço discovers the new place where Sadet is hidden.

Yamaç Gumali Metin and Kemal hide on the place where the exchange between the Bulgarians and the Karakozular is to be made. (they are well armed.)

Gelasun, who was hiding in front of the warehouse, was spotted by a Karakuzu guard as he was about to enter to free Salih and Medet. Selim and Aliço, who were on the spot, try to help them. Selim sends Aliço to Çukur to find Meke.

Gelasun çukur 48

Once the exchange has taken place between Chetto and the Bulgarians, Yamaç explodes the barrels. He had put explosives in them a few days earlier.

Kemal shoots one of the Bulgarians to start the Bulgarian retaliation against the Karakuzu.

Meke and his friends deliver Gelasun, Salih and Medet, then Aliço informs them that Saadet is in the old house of Vartolu.

They take weapons and run there. They attack the Karakuzu who were there.

Salih faces Chetto’s henchman who is holding the baby in his hands and threatens to kill him. Selim, coming from behind, shoots him in the back. Saadet and little Idriss are finally saved.

The whole family, Sena, Yamaç, Gelasun Aksin, Selim, Karaça and his mother went to Idriss’s house for a family dinner. They are then joined by Salih and Saadet to introduce the baby to the family (who do not know that Saadet had been kidnapped).

Gumali did not join them, he watches them from a distance.

Yamaç receives a text message:

“Nothing is over until Chetto and Mahsoun are killed… meet me at this address… I will explain how to do it”.

Yamaç thinking that the message comes from Arsoy, leaves the family meeting and goes to the meeting point in the middle of a forest.

For his part, Gumali had promised Salih that he would settle the score with him and take revenge for the death of his brother Kahraman. The day has come! They meet at the cemetery of Çukur.

They fight a merciless battle from in front of Kahraman’s grave.

Gumali says to his stepbrother:

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of Saadet and your son (after you die).”

Chetto meets a person whose identity is not yet known and asks him to look after the Koçovali while they look after the Bulgarians. He asks this person to create such problems in Çukur, to the point that the Koçovali cannot take over Çukur in the absence of Chetto and Mahsoun.

Yamaç, who is waiting for Arsoy in a forest, is shot. He recognizes his shooter. It’s a close person. He asks him:

Neden… Neden… Neden… Neden…
Why? Why ? Why? …

The shooter leaves him in the middle of the woods.

The big question: Who is the traitor in the Koçovali clan, who is the traitor in Çukur!


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