çukur (the pit) episode 37 (Ep 4 part 2)-trailers

The first trailer for episode 37 (episode 4 season 2) of the çukur series was broadcast last Monday on the channel show  TV just after episode 36 .

At the end of episode 36, Yamaç had gone in search of Vartolu, in order to ask him to join him in his project to recover çukur. We see vartolu accepting Yamaç’s request

çukur episode 4 (season 2) 1st Trailer

In this first trailer of episode 37 of çukur (episode 4 part 2), we see an excerpt from a discussion between the brothers Koçovali, Gumali, Vartolu (Salah Eddine) and Yamaç

This is the first meeting between Gumali and Vartolu, since Gumali was in prison when Vartolu landed in çukur.

Vartolu presents himself to Gumali as Salih Koçovali, Idriss‘s son

Gumali insults him and tells him that he is in no way a Koçovali

You can find the trailer subtitled on our Youtube Channel  by clicking here


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