çukur season 2 episode 14 (ep 47), full summary

Here is the complete summary of episode 14, season 2 of the series Çukur (equivalent to episode 47)

At the beginning of episode 14, the exchange of children takes place in the Coffee Shop in Çukur. The parents retrieve the children and run away, Yamaç and his team attack at that moment. Kemal is hit by several bullets. Medet is shot in the shoulder. Gumali enters Çukur’s café where Mahsoun and Chetto are. The three of them shoot each other and end up collapsing to the ground.

One of the Karakuzu manages to escape, Vartolu goes after him.

Once inside the house, Vartolu shoots the Karakuzu carrying the little Idriss in his arms.

In the end, it was a dream. Vartolu, who had dozed off, had dreamt of the attack that the Koçovali brothers had planned for the next day.

In reality, Gumali locked himself and Vartolu in a room to prevent him from having any contact with the outside world.

Gumali is suspicious of Vartolu.

Vartolu is caught in the crossfire. On one side, his brothers and his father, and on the other, Saadet and their son Idriss, both taken hostage by the Karakuzu.Gumali dreams of seeing his father again settled in his café and giving him back the keys of Çukur.

On the other side, Mujahid and Idriss have an altercation. Mujahid wants to leave because he does not understand the new Idriss anymore. He asks him:

“When did your heart died ? »

At this point, Selim arrives and tells them that the daughter and mother they have come to help have been killed.

Idriss and Mujahid go looking for the culprit.

Selim goes to his mother and is touched to see her standing on her feet.

Mujahid and Idriss arrive in front of the hotel, where the man who killed the mother and her daughter lives.

When he arrives, Idriss beat him.

Yamas asks Salih (Vartotu):
“Do you have something to tell me? »

As Salih was about to tell him that Saadet is still alive, Medet enters the room and interrupts them, holding a tray of coffee in his hand.

Mevzu çukurdan da derin
The subject is deeper than Çukur.

On the other side, the Karakuzu, Mahsoun, and Chetto show the children rings with the Karakuzu symbol.

Chetto explains to the kids that they have three families :

  • The first is the family at home, this family doesn’t take care of the children.
  • The second is the family in the street, the buddies. One day, these friends are going to kill each other.
  • And the third family is the Koçovali, a family that no longer exists.

The bus carrying the children enters Çukur and arrives in front of the café where their parents are waiting for them.

Mahsoun and Chetto are in the café in Çukur and distribute rings to the children.

The Koçovali brothers are in the streets adjacent to the café and wait for the exchange to take place before attacking the Karakuzu.

Once the children are out of the café, the Koçovali brothers advance towards the café to launch the assault, but at that moment an explosion takes place in the Çukur café.

In reality, Medet was hiding in the back, discreetly watching Chetto and Mahsoun. He had cut a gas pipe and after the children were released, he lit a spark to blow up the coffee.

Everyone was shocked, the Koçovali were forced to retreat.  

Chetto and Mahsoun escape alive.

In this episode 14, season 2, of Çukur, Chetto summons Salih (Vartolu) and threatens to kill his son. Vartolu, go and explain to him that it was Medet who started the fire to save them. He explains to Chetto that it was an ambush and that the Koçovali were planning to kill them. At the same time he tells them that there is a traitor among them.

Arsoy, feeling threatened, attacks Vartolu.

Gumali is suspecting Medet and Vartolu, but Yamaç tells him to interrogate Faisal instead.

Chetto informs Arsoy that a shipment of gold coins is expected to arrive that evening and that he is responsible for arranging the exchange.

Vartolu, who understood that Arsoy was Yamaç’s informer, decides to follow him.

Idriss visits Meliha, and tells her how it all started; how his story with Çukur began!

He was 19 years old, he had just come out of prison. At his side were Pasa and Mujahid. They had decided to open a table in the market, but some thugs decided to take them and take their place in the market.

He stood up to them. When he saw that, people came to him for help, and as more and more people came to him for help and so on, he found himself on that path.

He says to Meliha:

“While I protect people and defend them, I couldn’t see the end of my children and grandchildren one by one… I lost what I had. “

 I had decided to stay out of people’s affairs, but I can’t. So it’s in my nature to be Idriss Koçovali.

I can’t stand by and watch without doing something.

Meliha asks Idriss : “You shot at me, but why did you let me live afterwards? »

Idriss, do not understand what she means. She then explains to him that she had to undergo 4 operations after he shot her and that the operations were paid for by an unknown person.

So Meliha had always believed that it was Idriss who had paid the bills for the operations but Idriss knew nothing about it and thought that she had not survived and that he had killed her that day.
So they’re wondering who the hell paid for those operations…

Gumali goes to Fayçal’s house, who is not at home. Gumali starts searching the thief’s lair, and finds on his bed the picture of two children with a Karakuzu ring.

At that moment, Fayçal arrives and Gumali greets him violently.

For his part, Vartolu, who follows Arsoy, attends his meeting with Yamaç, which confirms his suspicions.

As he is about to shoot Arsoy, he finds himself with a gun pointed at his back. He turns round and sees that it is Aliço.

Arsoy warns Yamaç of the gold transfer that will take place the same evening. After Arsoy’s departure, Yamaç turns back in the direction of where Vartolu was hidden.

Yamaç knew that Vartolu was there, he knew that his brother Salih was playing a double game. In fact, before his departure to meet Arsoy, Yamaç had been warned by Aliço of his latest discoveries.

Aliço, who regularly rummaged through the rubbish bins of the villa occupied by the Karakuzu, had found diapers. He said to Yamaç: it’s your nephew’s turn to shake the nappy under Yamaç’s nose, who didn’t understand.

That’s how he learned that Saadet was still alive.

He then makes the joint with Salih’s behavior and understands that it was him who made their traps to kill Mahsoun and Chetto fail.

Gumali is about to kill Faisal thinking that he is the traitor, but Faisal explains to him that he is collecting the rings to sell them. Gumali ends up believing him.

Salih explains himself to Yamaç, who is angry at him for not having told them what was going on. He decides to not inform Gumali.

At the request of his mother, Selim takes her to Çukur. When she saw the state Çukur was in, she began to cry. She orders him to go and see Karaça.

Karaça  has a grudge against her father. Since the events that took place at the end of season 1 (Çukur season 1 episode 34) he hasn’t looked for her, he hasn’t come to see his daughter and hasn’t answered her calls and messages.

Chetto, Mahsoun and Arsoy went to the appointment point to collect the gold coins, while Gumali sent Fayçal.  In the end, it was a trap set up by Chetto and Mahsoun to discover the identity of the traitor that Vartolu had told them about.

At the end of episode 14, season 2, of Çukur, we see Faisal going to the Karakuzu.

Selim  decides to appear in front of his brother Gumali.


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